Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Big Misunderstanding

Ohhhhh I’m aware how much some readers/reviewers/some of my critique partners hate it… but at the same time I feel like it is reality or at least my own. Last Friday this happened:

Some of you know my love (whom I adore beyond reason and is my everything) >>>  we have been together for almost 29 years. We know each other extremely well.

On Friday I was with Eden Winters (we were having a writer’s playdate… you know we hang out and talk about writing and what you’re working on but we NEVER actually write). My love called and said he could leave early. (We share a car so this means I needed to nab him earlier) AWESOME!

We had a conversation via speakerphone.
Love: So I’m good to go anytime.
Z.: Okay I can be there at 4pm.
Love: Great call me when you get here.
Z.: (not wanting to be rude to Eden more than I have to I said) I'm with Eden so I’ll be there at 4pm. Just come out when you're ready.
Love: Okay love you.
Z.: Love you.

Few minutes later I realize I apparently don’t know how to tell time. So I call him back.

Z.: Sweetie I’ll be there at 345pm.
Love: Okay so you’ll call me when you get here.
Z.: No just come out I’ll be there at 345pm. Love you.
Love: Okay. Love you.

350pm incoming call
Love: Um, are you outside or am I waiting for you to call?

Eden just started laughing.
Z.: See THAT’S WHY I WRITE THE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING it happens all the time to me.

>>>>By the way the same scene played out on Monday.

Communication issues are BIG between couples. Even when you’re together a long time, everyone's world filter is different so people hear things differently, interpret words differently. One of the biggest problems in relationship problems is faulty communication.

In Illusions & Dreams, Lalana and Boon-nam don’t do what they desperately want since communication between their lovers and between each other was flawed.

Dusty Davis in Finally Fallen heard something one way because that’s what would be easier in his world.

Robin Strider (Tied Together) even though he knows Josh better than anyone overthinks and something dramatic to seek clarity.

Zombies Suck 's communication is stunted because while people can’t know about zombies >>> the lack of confirmation (aka COMMUNICATION) makes everyone involved a tad crazy.

So yeah I’ll lay down on the altar of criticism for the BIG misunderstanding because it happens in my world on the regular… and if it doesn’t happen elsewhere could I move in with you?

Hugs, Z.

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