Friday, August 22, 2014



I know usually I'm writing about how to get dirty but today I want to tell you how to CLEAN up.
I'd love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.
Hugs, Z.


Cleaning up your world will make it easier to function. You'll find things. You won't waste money buying something you already have. You will be able to utilize all of your items. Having your living space clean and organize will bring you peace.

How to Begin:

1) Start small or start big... Choice is yours.  

A) Small: Take one place at a time and straighten it up. It's less daunting and will encourage more. 

Pick a meaningful space (Your bedroom, your bathroom cabinet, your refrigerator... chose something that affects you every single day)
Assess the space: What is it's purpose? How do you want to use it? Envision how to make the space of your dreams.
Empty the area
Clean the area
Only put things back into the space that should be there
Return other items back to where they should reside
Don't allow that space to return to chaos
Pick another space repeat process

B) Big ASSED Deep cleaning: Top to bottom cleaning (Yes for some of my Pretties you just went elsewhere come back we are CLEANING) Total cleaning gets it all done at once and easier to keep that way with maintenance.

Dust everything ceiling to floor. (This is not an advertisement but the swifter products is great because the long reach helps the vertically challenged... if appropriate ie: china, knick knocks might benefit from damp cloth wipe down)
Change all your bedding (wash and dry)
Wash all curtains (if washable consider hanging while wet because eliminates ironing) and blinds
Vacuum (empty it)
Mop (Again try wet jet so you aren't just pushing the dirt around)
Return items to where they go
Wash windows
Clean refrigerator (& make a shopping list)
Clean cabinets in kitchen (& oven)
Clean bathroom(s) (toilet, shower/tub, mirrors, vanity, sink)


Either you bite the bullet and did it all in one go or you did your living space bit by bit... Either way: GOOD JOB! Time to keep it this way.

Figure out what approach you want to take: 

One day a week 2-3 hours at a go or 30 minutes a day. Then divide up the chores in ways that are comfortable for you.


Change all your bedding (wash and dry)
Clean cabinets in kitchen
Clean bathroom (drop the wet towels to the floor on a daily basis/or the day you wash them toss water on your floor and use the towels to scuff around the wet floor cleaning it without chemicals)
Pick an area to deep clean (clean it thoroughly)


Wash windows
Clean refrigerator
Pick a larger job (garage, attic, your closets, basement and tackle it)


Go through your closets: donate what you haven't wore, repair what needs to be fixed, consider uniform non-slip hangers (easily than picking stuff off the floor) This review will show you want you don't have and will help preventing you from purchasing the 11th black T-shirt.

Go through your house: donate what you haven't used and don't want, is there anything you can organize to lower your stress

Daily Reset:

Before you go to sleep at night reset your house. Meaning do a walk through. Put away the cup left on the end table. Put the papers in the recycle bin. Just put things where they are supposed to be before you turn off the light. It's a great habit to form. You'll LOVE yourself in the morning if you do it.

Side notes:

If you live with others involve them. I grant this is not easy but you will get what you settle for. It maybe a change in everyone's world but it's a chance for the better. Be consistent (& I know this is a lot of work but much less resentment then if you are doing it all yourself).

 An organized living space will bring peace and tranquility... a safe haven from the chaos of the world.