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Rainbow Book Reviews- Made in China Review

Hey Pretties!
Take a look at this lovely review. The reviewer seemed to get EVERYTHING I wanted to reader to understand about the story & the characters. I'm so happy!
Hugs, Z.


The Great Wall (Made In China 1) by Z. Allora at MLR Press

Genre Contemporary / Yaoi / BDSM / Gay Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 26-November-2013

Book Blurb

There's no gay in China so what's the drummer of Made in China supposed to do about loving his male best friend when his family thinks he's engaged to the girl next door?

Jun "Styx" Wong's heart and mind battle to determine his destiny. His mind tells him to be a good Chinese son and marry the girl his parents chose, but his heart longs for his best friend, Jin, and life with their new band. "Jun" means honesty, but he's not even honest with himself. A quest to eradicate his feelings for Jin nearly ends his life. Styx's near death serves as a wake-up call for Jin, whose blond hair--legacy of his German father--marks him as different. Jin harbors secrets of his own. His experiences prepare him to take the drastic measures needed to help Jun overcome the walls surrounding them. Because there is no gay in China...

WARNING: This story contains a scene of dangerous sexual practices.

Book Review

Fans of K-pop, J-pop, Jet Mykles’s Heaven Sent series fans, and anyone else with a predilection for hot rocker musicians of Asian descent are sure to love this captivating “taste of China” male/male romance story. The book brings to light the difficulties facing a young, gay Chinese drummer who is torn between obligation to his family and his love of his best friend. Amazing in delivery and scope, I loved this story. The author’s addition of information pertaining to the land of China is skillfully woven throughout the romance of its two leads, providing an exquisite breathe of fresh air to the gay rocker theme and adding to an enchanting tale.

Twenty-two year old Jun “Styx” Wong has a major problem. He’s scheduled to be married to a girl he doesn’t love, can’t have an orgasm without damn near strangling himself, and almost kills himself, all a result of his “oh so wrong” love of his best friend Jin. As the only son of his family, Styx is expected to marry and produce an heir, ensuring his parents' care in their golden years and the family’s future. All Styx truly desires is to run away with Jin to some imaginary world where his friend returns his feelings and the two can be together, forever. The gifted drummer knows he can never reveal his feelings to anyone, especially Jin, but when an opportunity comes up to escape his family, if only until his pending marriage arrives, Styx takes it.

Unlike Styx, Jin is something of an orphan; his only family is his gay uncle. As such Jin has more freedom than Styx, but his lack of family support also means he must fend for himself. He takes a job as a masseur, practices yoga to keep his mind and spirit clear, and practices his music determined to make music his future. When his uncle offers him an opportunity to work in a larger city, rent-free, Jin realizes this may be the only alone time he may get with his best friend before Styx marries. He convinces Styx to travel to Suzhou and stay with him to seek other musicians and form a band.  If it works, maybe they can exchange the bonds of Styx’s traditional family obligations with a life of musical fame. Maybe he can keep Styx at his side forever.

This is a wonderful book, from its opening chapter, where I found myself inhabiting Styx in the throes of an erotic asphyxiation jerk two weeks in the making, to the stimulating details of some of China’s fabulous landmarks as the boys enjoy their travels, the book is a delight. Both characters were extremely lovable, Styx’s pent-up emotion making him a silent, mysterious Chinese Byron, with an enchanting aura of innocence, while blond, gray-eyed Jin is the heart-of-gold sensual masseur, who is saving himself for his one true love. Being inside Styx’s head was fantastic, the angst, the pain and the nobility of his need to keep everyone from the disappointment of his truths, made him a heroic, but passionate character whom I couldn’t help but cheer for. Jin’s virtue was his patience and maturity, which belied his exquisite fragile appearance. Futility created a shroud of melancholy about Jin, but the light of his hope and determination shone through showcasing his inner power. Him too, I cheered on.

With such depths to the lead characters, nothing prepared me for the pleasure of two additional characters, Chinese musician Li, and his partner, Indigo, a Chinese-American musician from Los Angeles. Their relationship appears to be in a trial period as Indigo is attempting to give up his promiscuity and prove to Li that he loves only him. Indigo in particular brings a lot of amusement to the story; Styx’s reactions to his American ways were a riot.

Part male/male romance, part shounen-ai/yaoi, all engrossing love story, I love a book with lots of happenings and angles and this one far exceeds the norm, retaining an aura of realism while delivering solid entertainment. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the surprises and fly-on-the-wall experiences the book holds and can only encourage you to purchase a copy. I immediately picked up additional books from the author and hope that she intends to pen a sequel to this charming “Made in China” tale.

Thank you, Z. Allora, for delivering this taut, lovely gem of a tale, which gives weight to the reality that through love and perseverance, the improbable can become possible. “Charming, Heartfelt, Steamy”

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been purchased by the reviewer.

Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 75000 words
Publication Date 26-July-2013
Price $7.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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Romance=Happily Ever After

Greetings my Pretties!!!!!

I had several debates on “happily-ever-after” (HEA) at Gay Rom Lit. One might tag me as a troublemaker… Okay, fine you might be right but I was rather shocked and confused that the main characters in a romance novel walking off hand in hand into the sunset was even open for debate. Right there on my badge ‘romance’ is front and center in the title.

Romance has a specific definition. To quote the Romance Writers of America: “Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.” (  That’s only one definition but it is rather specific.

1+1 = awww (or 1+1+1= awww) Romance is a specific genre with expectations. To paraphrase ZA Maxfield & Ethan Day during their session in the writer’s track, romance is a warm bath. You just ease into it and you know you’re going to feel better when it’s done.

You can imagine my surprise when another author said he didn’t do HEA or even HFN (happy for now). It tapped right into my primitive brain and I denied the possibility. He was a lovely man but I thought this conversation had to be a fluke. How could a romance author not write HEA or HFN? But when the second and third discussion occurred my heart hurt.

What was happening? Had the world tilted and dropped me off in hell? No, no I was still at GRL (& the Heaven & Hell costume party wasn’t until Saturday night).

My reader self rebelled when one author said he wanted to educate the reader giving them a ‘richer more educated read’. I tried to explain as a reader I am drawn to romance for the unfolding of love and as a writer that’s what I want to provide my readers with a bit of happy brain candy that has the potential to make their world brighter.

After a number of discussions, I figured out these lovely authors were writing Gay Fiction, which is a different animal than romance. Gay fiction is fine and a wonderful genre but I’m not your reader base so don’t try to convert me to ‘meaningful’ non-HEA endings cause it’s only going to annoy all of us.

For the record, I don’t want anyone casting shadows over what we write or read by implying romance is ‘less’ intelligence, important, or meaningful because we have happily ever after’s. These romances help turn ‘ew’ into ‘aw’ with every single page. When a mommy/daddy finds out their child is gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, questioning, queer, or differently oriented, the parent who has exposure to this genre would further along in the acceptance process then had they not.

And just to clarify I don’t fetishize about gay men (You truly are NOT my fantasy… I respect and wish you well… just putting that out there). I identify with gay men as a category more then I would with ‘straight’ females but that has nothing to do with ‘you’. Something not discussed much is gay romance is helping to re-associate some Q women back to their own sexuality. It is experienced differently than what is found in HET romance. So turn off your judgment off… cause we deserve better.

As for my characters and stories: I worship the edges and I write in the Yaoi style. I don’t expect gay men of a certain age to enjoy my work but to be honest I’m not writing for anyone but me. It’s my sanity, my air, and my world. If you enjoy it come play with me (Currently, I can serve you up hot dirty rockers and sexy zombies who need male essence to survive)… if not let me hug you on Facebook but don’t try to convince me to read non-HEAs.

Soooooo my Pretties tell me what you think?

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Updates on my writing

Greetings My Pretties!!!

I've been asked a number of times where certain manuscripts are.... so I thought it's well past time I do an update.

Club Zombie 2: Zombies Suck 

This manuscript is with Stiff Rain and an editor is pouring over it to make it sparkle. I don't have a release date yet but my guess would be within a 1.5 months.  
The guys, especially Alex, gave me a lot of problems... I was writing a happy erotic fluffy bunny piece and we took a turn>>> have faith I got everyone on track and happy but I was forced to play in ouchie parts of my mind that I don't like to go. It resulted in several complete re-writes.


Entwined: Lock & Key

(Several of my Pretties might want to strangle me) This manuscript is done and has been betaed/critiqued. I need to incorporate all the comments and tweak some things. I'm hoping by end of Nov I'll be submitting it to a publisher.


The Ladyboy Chronicles: Illusions & Dreams

I am re-working this story and a beta/critique partner is pouring over it now. I'm half way through the re-writes and it is my hope to be done before the end of Nov so I can submit it to a publisher.


Sean & Jack's Story (unnamed)

This one I'm not gonna front... I've been avoiding the fuck out of it. I know what happens in chapter one and neither Robin Strider (keyboardist of The Dark Angels) or I want to deal with it. I don't want to write it, I don't want it to happen... but I have to and I will be argh! It's going to suck rocks.


Viking Haven

The Craving which is the first book in this series has been quiet. But thanks to my Pretties on Facebook I've been given a ton of man candy that has filled out the cast of characters for five books. The King (manipulative bastard) has given me some interesting information which makes the end of book 2 make a whole lot of sense... 


The Dark Angels

I'm planning on re-writing them adding different points of view and more information. I'm quite devastated at my own lack of skill as a writer... they deserve better & I shall give it to them.  There are several more stories I'd like to do for them as well.


Made in China 2: The Temple of Heaven

Plot is getting fleshed out. Several chapters are outlined and a number of sex scenes are written. Jordon Davis has given me lots of great information which I am putting to use. His best friend Laurie  (I don't know her last name) has made a very loud appearance...

Soooooo that's the basics. I don't have a time line yet... but the order appears to be: Club Zombie 2, The Ladyboy Chronicles, Entwined: Lock & Key, then I believe Viking Haven's: The Craving. 

Thanks so much for your patience and encouragement. I truly appreciate it!!!

Big hugs, Z.

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Travel Blog Part # 2.... cause 1 just wasn't enough...

Travel Blog Part #2

I worry about you… so I need to give you more suggestions.

1) Chew gum on take off & landing: helps prevent ear pain & popping (when you forget the gum: chew chew swallow again and again…)
2) They will make you throw out your water or liquids… either buy them on the other side of security or bring an empty bottle and refill at a fountain.
3) If you have time find a plug and charge everything… you never know if you're be delayed and there's nothing worse than a dead battery… on the same vein power off you devices if you want to save power roaming the skies seems to eat power. Rule: ABC=always be charging… I promise you won't regret it.

Win At The Security Check Point:

1) Have your driver's license (or passport opened to the identification page) and your ticket facing the officer. Say good morning or good whatever it is…restrain yourself from making jokes (the irony will be lost on those of you behind you in line when the TSA feels they need to be extra thorough). The officer will check to ensure the information matches & will scribble on your ticket you will move to the x-ray machine.

2) The X-ray belt separates the travelers from the newbies…

Here's how you can fake it:

*If there's a choice of lines: get behind business travelers, avoid lines with children, avoid individuals in high heels (clearly never had to run through an airport aka not a traveler), avoid people who looked confused. If there's no choice no worries that's why you got to the airport early (RIGHT?).

*Take 2 bins (3 if you can't put your pocketbook/manbag in your carry-on)

*Have your carry-on bag organized so without rooting through it like a squirrel you can pull out the things need to put in the bins provided so they can be screened:
*Bin #1: Laptop goes in this bin ALONE.

*Bin #2: Put your cell phone/kindle/iPod, your 'die if you lose' that couldn't be checked liquids/gels (in your quart bag 3oz or less bottles). Time to undress (cue the stripper music in your head but do NOT hum it people don't like it): belts off, shoes off, wallets not contain in a purse, no change in your pockets, take off the jacket or scarf.

**Make sure you zip your carry-on back up before sending it through the machine**

**Pocketbook/Manbag carriers again if you can put that bag in your carry-on you'll fly through the security line… take it back out afterwards… having your pocketbook/manbook contents rolling around the floor when it spills over means the X-ray machine won… ((= the less free floating pieces of you the better))

((The list of what you can't carry-on can be found here:

If it's the old type of doorway scanner just wait you're turned and walk through. But many airports have the new body scanner… you wait your turn (but pay attention when it's your turn: MOVE don't make me beat you with your own shoe) step into the cubicle onto the foot prints arms up (just like the picture) it takes 3 seconds move to out the other side and pause until they wave your through… (sometimes underwire bras or necklaces will set it off… it that's the case you're given a short massage… no happy ending>>> shut up and don't laugh thinking about me when that happens to you)
Gather your things…. just slide them to the end of the roller table and repack. Usually someone is there grabbing your bins to restack them just make sure you look to see you gathered all your things out of each bin. By taking out your laptop out of a bin you're down to one bin with all your stuff… put on your shoes first cause ICK! Then your wallet & cell phones then your bag of gels/liquids open you're carry-on and re-insert, zip up and move out of the way.
3) Once at your gate check to make sure it's still your gate… sometimes you can miss the announcement.

**Again your sex toys won't be bothered if you have checked your batteries**

Owning the Plane:

*You've got your seat hopefully an aisle or window… if traveling with another person consider to aisles in the same row… avoid the middle seat.
*Put the stuff you want in the seat pocket in a ziplock bag: much more sanitary (you can't imagine what I've seen people put in those pockets & there really is no way to clean those pockets especially for domestic flights) & it will help you can track of your things which means you'll be less likely to forget them… just remember to grab whole book on landing.
*Don't expect planes to show a movie or give you even pretzels… you'll be lucky to get a drink. (Usually the airlines will tell you the type of plane and you can ask about what will be offered on board so find out.)  So think about what you want (food or movie or reading material) & be prepared & have it accessible.
*Greet the flight attendant but move along, put your stuff in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you and get out of the aisle.
*Smile at your seat companion and say hi… but don't be insulted if they aren't chatters.
*If you're feeling nervous: slip off your shoes and rub the heel of one foot against the ankle of the other=this deactivates your fight or flee response and can relax you.
*Sometimes, the seat belts won't quite fit or feel uncomfortable ask the flight attendant quietly for an extension. It will be passed to you after the safety demonstration.
*READ THE SAFETY CARD* I've flown over a million miles and each time I get on the plane I read it because each planes doors/exits open differently & chances your fellow flyers haven't a clue. Know how many seats the nearest exits are (both in front of you and in back of you)>>> you'd could possibly crawling so counting the seats will be your guide. Knowledge is power & in this case… well important.
*Take a moment and get Zen: How can the philosophy of flying impact your life? How can putting on your air mask on first be the less selfish option then giving everything you have until you have nothing to give? Or plot bunny that cute passenger three rows up… is he from Europe…what's his story?

Have a safe wonderful trip!!!!!

Hugs, Z.

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Travel Tips aka How To Travel With Sex Toys

Greetings my Pretties! 

Since some of you are getting ready to make the trip to the Gay Rom Lit Retreat this year thought I'd throw some general traveling advice your way. There are few things I'm an expert in but after over a million miles I've picked up a few things. Some of these you might know but you know I can't help but to repeat myself. (I'm actually writing most of this on an airplane)

General Suggestions:

1) How To Pack Sex Toys? 
Separate batteries from vibrating devices. This allows TSA to see what's what without searching your carry on. (Putting the batteries in your checked bag is good)…. If someone wants to fuck with you about your sex toy: Own it (you write/read gay romance… seriously, show him/her what you're made of) Bat your eyelashes and ask if s/he wants a demonstration… usually the threat embarrasses the agent enough to shut them up… if s/he's bold and says yes… simply show how the vibrator can take away migraines by massaging your sinuses.  At this point for extra credit look innocent and ask if he thought you used it to bring yourself to orgasm…. makes them sputter every time…
Lubrication can be stored into socks. If you put it in your carry-on make sure it's less than 3oz and the bottle into a plastic bag. (Remember liquids can explode even if you check it soooo bag it baby!)
Rope and handcuffs should be packed in your checked bag. Put them on top of your stuff in a plastic bag because if your bag is inspected the agents won't rip apart your bag to find it. You can also use the rope around your clothing to hold them together.
Paddles or crops can probably be taken on as carry on but even I can make it a few hours… if you really can't make it a shoe will make a good substitute (Just pointing out the obvious).
Condoms in a safe container that's not going to get poked with sharp things… (Yes, saying the condoms from poking so you can... okay there I know you needed me to say it)
2) Call the hotel and airline to confirm your booking, flight times & address of the hotel. (GET YOUR SEATS BEFORE YOU GO).
3) Find out the exact baggage restrictions so you're not surprised. If you have to pay for a checked bag… $25 is a small price to pay for the sanity of having things you need & not having to purchase them. You should check the weight of your suitcases on a bathroom scale or if you travel a lot Marshall's or TJ Maxx has a hand scale is very helpful to avoid charges for overweight bags.
4) If there are any airline frequent flyer cards sign up for them… they are free and even if you don't fly a lot that card let's the airline know you're a person whose considering their airline in the future so you might get a little better consideration.
5) Be nice to the check-in and gate agents… they don't have an easy job and they control your comfort for the next few hours… a smile and being polite goes a long way.
6) If at all possible leave early for the airport… unexpected delays can occur and you can lessen the impact by leaving early. Also running through an airport is so not fun.
7) Mentally become a cow during travel… you move with the herd… don't struggle with delays… find the zen of traveling
8) Bring food onto the plane… even if you're not hungry, those damned snack packs they sell, smell delicious.
9) Wear something comfortable but something you could dress up if it turns out to be your only outfit for a while. I usually go with black… you can't image how many times I've wore someone's else's soda, coffee, or tea.
10) Your feet may swell so rethink hobbling through the airport in heels and if your bag fits under the seat in front of you rest your feet on it.


1) Up your vitamin C intake the re-circled air is filled with germs
2) On long flights I'd recommend a nasal rinse
3) Hydrate on the flight (refrain from alcohol if you decide to indulge hydrate extra)
4) Keep any medications in your carry on (flight delays and lost luggage could cause you problems)
5) Be ready for simple aliments like headache, allergies and colds.
6) I always cover my neck and I never let the air blow on me (for me it = illness)
7) Other than the recycled air the tray tables are the biggest germ spreader… I keep wet naps with me and the first thing I do on a plane is wipe down the tray.
8) Taking an extra baby aspirin makes me feel more protected against deep vein thrombosis = blood clots as well as standing up and walking to the back of the plane and back again. (if you're doctor approves of it)
9) Feeling dry? Wet paper towels then breath in and out of them~~ you made you very own humidifier.


*Really think about what you are doing on your trip. With the GRL we have a list which makes it easy and you'll mostly be inside the hotel unless you venture forth into Atlanta. Make sure you check Atlanta's weather for October.
*Packing on hangers makes unpacking easy. Just fold them over themselves.
*Roll and bag your underwear because it's too creepy to wonder if someone has been through your silkies.
*Any liquids should be double bagged because they can & do explode in your bag on occasion.
*Shoes go along the sides and on the bottom.
*Bring some garage bags for your dirty laundry (I usually do one for dry cleaning, darks, lights… you know the drill implement it)
*Putting a scented dryer sheet or two in your bags freshens everything.
*Bringing a bigger bag that everything fits into is better than having to jungle a tangle of bags.
*Hitting your tooth brush with a hair dryer before you pack it will help cut down on bacteria.

What to pack in your carry on:

a photocopy of your identification (passport or driver's license) & one should be in your checked bag(s)
scarf that can double as a blanket (plane temperatures dip)
phone & chargers
your book/kindle & chargers
cameras & memory sticks & batteries & chargers
laptop & chargers
jewelry (always in your carryon)
one outfit (with two sets of underwear)
toiletries other than shampoo, conditioner and soap you'd not be able to do without in 3oz bottles in a quart bag
sex toys (batteries can be packed)


*Go have an oil change & what ever else you need to do to make your car road ready. Or go to a full service gas station, and tell them you are going on a long trip could they check the oil, water, etc.
*Check your emergency supplies: flares, blanket, jumper cables, water, etc.
*Plan for stops along the way. Is there anything half-way to your destination that will entertain you or get you out of the car for a couple of hours? Find something for both ways before you go. Breaking up the trip saves your sanity. Getting to where you're going in record time but arriving crazy stressed isn't a good trade off. Be good to yourself.
*Follow the speed limit & drive safe (Dead isn't pretty… and those prison sex scenes aren't really that sexy in real life).
*Plan music, podcasts, books on disc for your adventure.
*If you have a no hands way to use your phone (safely) catching up with family and friends is a good way to pass the time.

Your Hotel Room:

*Keep it straight… Nothing says chaos like a mess (especially if you have a room mate)
*Use your suitcase as a trunk… keeping your clutter contained with make your roommate not want to beat you with your shoes s/he tripped over for the 30th time.
*If you didn't pack on hangers bring some light weight ones so you don't hog all the wooden ones in the closet.
*ABC:  always be charging… sharing a room means less available sockets... organize so everyone is charged up.
*Drop your towel to the bathroom floor when you are done and soak up the excess water then kick it out of the way for the next person. When you are getting ready to leave the room and want maid service:  put all the water towels into the tub.
*Sometimes, packing a scented tea light candle is nice in the bathroom at night… less harsh than leaving on the light
*More polite bathroom suggestions:
*Find out if your room has a mini fridge &/or microwave. If so stopping at a convenient store will allow you to avoid consuming old items in a mini bar at crazy prices. (You might want to bring some popcorn from home for a light quick treat that's always fun.)

But the best tip: Have Fun. Shit is going to go wrong… accept it. Keep your perspective as long as you and your loved ones aren't killed/maimed/injured find the joy in the experience>>>as it's happening find the right words to describe it later on in the e-mail to your friends, on Facebook, on your blog, in your book or at a cocktail party. The worst travel experiences make the best stories and sometimes lead you in a direction you would have never taken.

Hugs, Z.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ode to the Sex Scene

Ode to Sex Scenes

Sex scenes have the power to take 'ew' to 'awwww' and on to 'ahhhh'. In my humble opinion, sex is one of the things that make people confused/disturbed/uncertain/leery about homosexuality. Many heterosexuals are unable to relate to homosexuality because they focus only on the differences. This is one of the largest stumbling blocks to equality. Sex scenes allow for a visibility that can be a priceless education which is one of the reasons I get twitchy about people questioning the validity of sex scenes.

It really is a matter of 'the more you know'. LGBTQIA characters help reduce the differences between heterosexual and homosexual. Our characters experience life's struggles the same way everyone does with the added stress of societal pressure to be 'straight'.

Isn't that enough? Why do I still sing the praises of sex scenes? Even if people know someone who is of a different sexual orientation they can still maintain their prejudice (consciously or unconsciously) that the physical act of homosexual sex sets everything apart. They aren't going to be invited into John&Bob's/Katie&Michelle's bedrooms so gay sex remains shrouded in mystery. By keeping it in the shadows we force it to stay in the 'taboo' box and make it something that 'normal' people wouldn't do and couldn't relate to doing.

Reading a gay sex scene may be the only exposure many straight people are going to have to this activity. While I romanticized it, possibly even fetishize it (cause my Pretties know I worship the edges & celebrate differences) I want to demystify the sex had between two people of the same sex. I want everyone to know it's not a big fucking deal. It's much more the same than different.

By making non-heteronormative sex scenes accessible and pretty, authors of gay romance are helping people accept: Sex is sex and Love is love. Sex scenes can allows to the focus to be on the yum factor. It is my hope the heat and sweetness can melt the differences.

What do you think, my Pretties?

Big Hugs, Z. Allora

Friday, July 19, 2013

Review for Subtle Innuendos

Review for Subtle Innuendos


Author: Z. Allora
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆
Summary:  When a song sticks in your head, do you ignore or hit replay? At eighteen, Matt and Chad fell in love. At twenty, they scored a number one hit with their band Euphoria. By twenty-five, the pressure of a rock star lifestyle proved too much and Chad escaped into a haze of drugs and alcohol. Fame twisted love until only pain remained. Seeing no other choice, Matt closed the door on his heart. Twenty years later a mix tape offers Matt a second chance. Does he dare risk another heartbreak to perform one last time with the lover he’s never forgotten? Will the New Year’s Eve reunion concert provide the closure he needs to finally move on with his life, or will the new year allow him to rewrite the ending of their song? Subtle innuendos–impossible to ignore.

Review: First of all, that song has been cycling through my brain since I read this.  I finally got rid of it and when I started to write this review, here it is again!  Adam Ant in all his glory.  But I digress.
This story is told in back and forth flashbacks between the present and various points in the past of Matt and Chad.  While I am not usually a fan of this type of storytelling, I felt it worked very well here.  The author’s way of weaving the thoughts of the past into a flashback of the past made for a smooth transition.   

Matt and Chad fell in love in New York in 1986.  They were best friends before that, but this was the time Chad shows Matt the goodness that is Adam Ant and also the time they were both brave enough to admit what they felt for each other.  Their first time is awkward, funny, sweet and “totally bitching”.  Made me smile, that did.

The two are in a band together called Euphoria and it is both the best and the worst for them. They get to do what they love – music – together yet the pressures of making it big definitely take their toll, especially with Chad.   It all adds up to their break up and it was so sad.  I did wonder what kind of rehab counselor suggests to an alcoholic that he can have one glass of wine.   

Now, more than twenty years later Matt thinks there is a gesture by Chad when he receives a mix tape.   He’s never fallen out of love with the man who hurt him.  Now there is a possible reunion tour of Euphoria and what will happen? 

Matt has an amazing friend in Paul because that man is a saint for putting up with Matt! I’m glad there is Giovanni.

There are a few edit issues through the book, such as “specular” (spectacular) and “goanna” (gonna) but nothing that ripped me out of the story.  I would have liked a bit more fill in on the years between then and now – we really don’t get to see what has been going on (especially with Chad).  It is heartbreaking when these two can’t make it work that time.   This is a second chance story that worked for me. 

Oh and Chatt – SO very pop culture.

Dear Pretties,
I am happy with the four flaming hearts. The reviewer bought up so good points which I will endeavor to internalize. 
Here's the link to go visit and comment:
Hugs, Z.