Thursday, February 16, 2017

Autochorissexual & Yaoi

Means "rotten women". Fujoshi ship male characters (put them in sexual relationships with each other). 

Lauren Orsini wrote "So why are fujoshi so interested in homoerotic relationships between male characters? You'd imagine that fujoshi would be more likely to appreciate a fictional relationship between a male and female character in order to self-insert as the woman, but that's where you'd be wrong. According to fujoshi, the idea of viewing a relationship between two attractive men from afar is the whole point. “When it's just boys, the reader engages in the story from the third person,” Hana, a Tokyo fujoshi, told the Daily Beast about her hobby."  (

I'm think some folks who adored Yaoi might be on the autochorissexual spectrum. This isn't meant to say absolutely everyone who enjoys Yaoi is autochorissexual. And you probably know me well enough to know I do not pathogenize with any label >>> It's just something interesting for those who may want to understand themselves better or are looking for community. 

Asexual Wikia says, "Autochorissexuals are known to:
  • Get aroused by sexual content but not actually want to engage in any sexual activities
  • Masturbate, but are neutral or repulsed by the idea of having sex with another person.
  • Fantasize about sex, but envision people other than themselves, and/or view it in third person, as though they're watching it on TV, rather than imagining it in first person, through their own eyes.
  • Predominantly or entirely fantasize about fictional characters or celebrities, rather than people in real life they know.
  • Identify as asexual and feel no sexual attraction to people, but enjoy masturbating, are aroused by sexually explicit content, and/or have sexual fantasies." ((

Kiss Him Not Me 's main character demonstrates this sexuality plus it's an adorable show. 12 episodes and super cute characters... Here's episode 1. (Find the rest of the series on Crunchy Roll)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yuri On Ice: WHY?

Unless you've been under a rock... Yuri on Ice has been on your social media feed for a while now. But what the hell is it and why is it so flipping popular?

((By the way there is no yuri (girl on girl loving) Yuri is part of the name of two of the characters in this anime.)) 

It's about ice skating but SO MUCH MORE.

Watch this video for one perspective:

I love the characters, the story, the puppy, Japan and the beauty of the skating. Here's the opening trailer.

Season 1 is on Crunchy Roll for free:  Yuri On Ice
((But if you want more support the actual creators!!!)) 

Much love and I know you were born to make history!!!!!

Hugs, Z. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Interesting Sex Practices From Around The World

I changed the judgy name of the video from SHOCKING to interesting. Sometimes it makes me tired how society judges others on how they express themselves sexually. What we find "weird" or "shocking" that's what someone else considers typical.

I've summarized the video:

Indonesia: During the festival, you go to a mountaintop and have sex with someone other than your spouse 7x for good luck.
India: Engage in ceremonial orgies
Niger: Wodabbe men get dressed in costumes and makeup for women to pick a husband if they couple leaves without the current husband knowing they are socially recognized.
Papau New Guinea: Boys at age 7 are removed from women for a decade, drink semen from their elders and ingest large amounts of sugarcane to produce nosebleeds to echo their wives menstrual cycle
Australia: Aboriginal boys have a front tooth knocked out, septum pierced, circumcised & he must eat the foreskin without swallowing then the penis is sliced lengthwise.  

Before you watch it keep in mind the two people reporting it aren't always professional but I wanted to share these different practices with you.

Connecting this to my work: The Craving  

The craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.

Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craving. But he never accounted for star chaser Zadra Solav.

Zadra doesn’t believe in rules and makes his own future. Fate separates him from the man he loves, but one touch renders him helpless to his own desires. Bonding with a monk is forbidden, and Zadra’s family sends him to deep space to avoid disgrace. Unable to give up, Zadra must find a way reunite with his Chosen.

Tormented by enforced separation, Initiate Riva Quinton struggles with his vow of chastity and risks all to rescue his lover. Together with his Eros, he stows away on board a star craft to follow his heart.

Four men defy destiny and tradition for love… but their love is a crime punishable by death.

Sex in the Xantha star system: 
Song Di Wangan II:  monogamy is seen as dangerous. 
K'Dane: The craving forces them to search for their mates. Most people are bisexual and polyamorous.
Feri: believes if you are healthy enough and have the time go for it.  
Viking Haven: System of lords and slaves enforced and the genders are segregated encouraging homosexual relationships.