Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yuri On Ice: WHY?

Unless you've been under a rock... Yuri on Ice has been on your social media feed for a while now. But what the hell is it and why is it so flipping popular?

((By the way there is no yuri (girl on girl loving) Yuri is part of the name of two of the characters in this anime.)) 

It's about ice skating but SO MUCH MORE.

Watch this video for one perspective:

I love the characters, the story, the puppy, Japan and the beauty of the skating. Here's the opening trailer.

Season 1 is on Crunchy Roll for free:  Yuri On Ice
((But if you want more support the actual creators!!!)) 

Much love and I know you were born to make history!!!!!

Hugs, Z. 

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