Dear Future Love #2

Dear Future Love,
I'm 16 and I wish you were here. I look up into the sky at night and wonder if you're looking up at the same stars. Do you wish I was there? I long to be with you.

I know it's stupid but my oldest brother's got a boyfriend and it makes me miss you. I didn't even know he liked guys. He never seemed interested in anyone but then Justin came along. Do you think that's what it's like? You know... NOTHING until I'm in your life?

What can I tell you about me? Hmmmm, you already know I'm an artist. But I'm not one of those artists that paint ugly things (like death and war) because it's all deep and meaningful... cause it's not. I want to bring happiness and beauty into the world. There is no higher purpose.

You know what I don't get? Why doesn't everyone try to be as happy as they can be? I mean really! We're all going to drop dead at some point... why don't we dance toward death with a smile on our faces?

I mean you know I think I told you in the last letter (you know the one I didn't post to Z.'s blog) how I was assault & stuff...   Well, I mean I could be all melodramatic and go emo but I figure that's people who have it much worse. I mean Justin... look what happened to him and he's still doing his thing. I promise you I'm going to keep hanging on and waiting for you... you might wanna hurry up though.

There's all this stuff I've found online and you know I think we could try it and... you know.

All my love,
Jordon Davis
your true love

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