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The Enlightenment of India

((Copyrighted Dec. 2014)) 
***** The Dark Angels is a hot rocker series. This is a little short takes place between The Dark Angels: Tied Together and The Dark Angels: Finally Fallen. Robin and Josh are committed to each other legally and through a red rose BDSM collaring ceremony but not with a marriage ceremony (yet). This little short is about hanging out with them in India then moving the story forward. ******
Robin Strider: Keyboard player
Josh Strider: Bass player
Darius Stone (Dare): Guitar player
Angel Luv:  Singer
Dusty Davis: Drummer
*****I apologize in advance. No official editor has kissed this short. *****

The plane raced down the runway and slowed at liftoff, hesitating, fighting to rise from the ground. Robin gritted his teeth, his heart slamming against his ribs.

Josh is going to die.

The words in his mind taunted him. Would the plane get off the ground only to crash and kill all passengers? Would it be a fiery end or would they just die on impact? Dusty had once said hurling through the atmosphere wasn’t a situation gravity supported.

People weren’t meant to fly. Josh is going to die! He is going to die! At least they’d be together.

He clutched Josh’s hand and squeezed him in a death grip. Damn. They’d flown for concerts and vacations before. Inhale. Exhale. He was being an idiot.

Josh reached over the divider with his free hand to adjust Robin’s cashmere blanket. He stopped tucking to glance around the nearly empty first class cabin. He hissed, “We should have taken a private jet.”

Robin wasn’t going to admit Josh was right. How he wished he were cuddled up in a private room with Josh distracting him with some kinky game.  Instead Josh was on the other side of a first class pod, divided from him by a wall.

He hadn’t anticipated the divider between the passenger pods. Each passenger had an area consisting of a soft leather massage chair, which could recline flat. A television monitor, stocked cooler, Internet access, and any other amenities he could think of were at his fingertips, but Josh was beyond a wall.

“We’d have to stop to fuel up. This is a straight shot.” It was a lame justification but it was all Robert had come up with.

“What if we’re recognized?”

“I doubt the man who is sleeping in 2A is a groupie.” The Dark Angels had fans in every age group, but the elderly Indian man, who seemed to speak no English, probably wasn’t among them.

“Famous last words.” Josh scowled in the direction of the non-fan, then plugged Robin’s headset into a splitter he had pulled from his pocket. He attached his headset to it and connected it into Robin’s TV outlet. The device allowed them both to hear the same thing. “Choose a movie for us to watch.”

The plane had leveled off. Robin loosened his clasp on Josh’s hand and separated to accept the controller. He scrolled through the movies.

 “Sir, your headphone jack is over here.” A flight attendant, who was king of the obvious, stopped his glide by to point out reality.

He sounded exactly like every schoolteacher who’d ever tried to separate Robin and Josh. Wasn’t going to happen.

Robin opened his mouth, but Josh jumped in. “Thank you, but if he picks an action movie and my television moves at a different speed, then key scenes could be ruined. So we’ll share.”

“You can just add the additional privacy screen.” The helpful attendant pressed a button on the armrest controller and a wall started to rise between their pods.

“No.” Robin couldn’t stop the protest. He didn’t want anything between him and Josh. He’d put up a wall for years, but no longer. Now he could barely tolerate not being pressed up against the man every hour of the day.

It still won’t make up for the time you’ve lost.

“That’s okay. He’s a bit scared of flying.” Josh hit the button and stopped the wall from crawling up higher between them.

Afraid of flying, of performing, of Josh leaving him, of dying before him… Robin’s just a scaredy cat.

“As you wish, sirs. May I get either of you a cocktail, wine, soft drink?”

They were on vacation. Robin could use something to turn down the voice in his head. “A mimosa.”

Josh wrinkled his nose. “You trying to sleep so you get on India time?”

Robin shrugged. “It’ll help me stay on your sleep strategy.”

It never worked, but Josh always plotted out the optimal time for them to sleep during flights. Usually, on a private plane, a round of hot sex would help guide Josh's sleep, but Robin rarely drifted off in flight. Maybe a little alcohol would help. 

Robin’s voice plagued him, self-medicating with alcohol… that’s healthy.

“I’ll have sparkling cranberry juice.”

“With a splash of vodka,” the flight attendant suggested.

“No thanks. Just the juice with seltzer, please.” Josh rarely drank anymore. He’d have one beer when they got together with the band, but Robin was happy Josh’s drinking days seemed behind him.

Robin picked a movie he knew Josh would enjoy.

As predicted, Robin didn’t sleep a wink for the entire fourteen-hour journey, which was extended by two hours due to air traffic, and then the arrival gate was blocked. Thankfully, they had Global Entry so the special customs line was very short. They eased through and collected their bags.

Exhaustion washed over him as Josh joined him on the other side of customs. Robin asked, “Where are we meeting the driver?”

Josh had changed the SIM cards to an Indian carrier while they were on the runway before they had even left Newark, so he checked his cell phone. “The message from the tour company said the meeting point is at luggage belt number three.”

Robin pulled his scrunchie knit hat down, hiding all of his hair. He wore no make-up and had dyed his hair back to his natural brown. He sighed as he looked down at his bare nails. He hoped he wouldn’t be recognized. Josh’s new haircut and his baseball hat would probably be enough to hide him.

A man held up an iPad sign that read JR Jordon. His bandmate’s youngest brother was tickled to have Robin use his first name as their last name. Their luggage was already at the man’s feet.

“Greetings, and welcome to India. My name is Mr. Sanreap and I will be showing you my country.” The middle aged man wearing a crisp white shirt shook their hands.

“Hello. I’m Robin and this is Josh.”

“I retrieved your bags. I just need to show the man at the door your baggage claim tickets.”

Robin fished them out and handed them to the man. “Here you go.”

“Thank you. Come, let me take you to the car.” There was a brief stop at the door because the man barely glanced at them let allow checked to see if the number matched.

As soon as Robin stepped a foot outside he gasped.

Josh shook his head. “Damn, the heat punches you right in the face.”

The town car was parked in the closest lot. It was a relief to get out of the sun even if it was into a hot car. Mr. Sanreap blasted the  air conditioner immediately. The driver handed them icy cold bottles of water from the cooler on the front seat.

“While you’re here, make sure you know where your water comes from. Since I’m with you for the entire trip, please allow me to provide your water for you,” Mr. Sanreap’s tone suggested as if it were a special favor.

“Thank you Mr. Sanreap. We will.” Robin drank some water and pressed the bottle to his forehead.

Josh leaned in. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Just need to sleep.”

“You didn’t sleep?” His lover assessed him.


Josh squeezed his knee. “If you can stay awake until the hotel, it might beat jetlag quicker.”

Mr. Sanreap glanced at Robin via the rearview mirror. “The trip to the hotel is about four hours, and I’ll stop mid-way for a break unless you prefer to continue on.”

Josh leaned forward to talk to him. “Great. Can we decide closer to the stopping point?

“Of course, sir.” Mr. Sanreap grinned.

“Just Josh is fine.”

Mr. Sanreap nodded. “Yes, sir. Of course, sir Josh.”

Robin grazed a hand over Josh’s knee stopping him from arguing further. If he couldn’t have sleep he’d focus on watching the country as they passed by.  The driver wound them through roads of the airport to the exit.

“We will be at the hotel soon. I will call them to inform them of our arrival.”

“Thank you,” Josh said before he finished off his water and tapped Robin’s water.

Robin sipped at the rest of the water as they wound through the elegant streets. But if you looked past the shops, hotels and restaurants in the distance he could see much poorer buildings with tents pitched in front of it. He pushed down the guilt that crawled up his spine. Josh had donated a large chunk of money to an LGBT foundation in India, which helped the homeless. But no one should live in such poverty.

Mr. Sanreap opened Robin’s door and gave the bags to the bellmen and opened the door.

One of the fleet of bellmen who seemed to appear out of nowhere, handed him a cool cloth scented in rose water and a bottle of cold water as he ushered Robin and Josh to the front desk.

Mr. Sanreap eyed the liquid with suspicion, but since they were at the best hotel in Agra and, some might argue, one of the top hotels in the world, he didn’t intervene when Robin accepted.

A man behind the front desk clicked the keyboard rapidly. “Greetings to you both. We look forward to serving you. You’re booked in the Kohinoor Suite. The notation says one of you is staying in the butler bedroom, so you have not retained butler service.”

The white rounded lobby was so spacious two American houses could fit inside it. Robin tried not to stare up at the vaulted dome ceiling. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung over a tall field of flowers stuffed into a porcelain vase on what appeared to be an antique inlaid table. It was all very fancy and Robin tried to block out the glimpses he’d seen of the harder realities of India.

Josh stepped up in front of Robin to answer. “Yes, we need to do some work while we’re here, and it’s easier.”

The government of India had just recriminalized gay sex. Robin and Josh understood by coming here they would have to be careful. Even foreigners were only given so much leeway.

“The hotel has a private business center with offices, should the need arise. Please, if there’s anything you need, simply ask. Myself or any of my staff would be happy to assist you.”

Josh nodded. “Thank you.”

“Our bellmen will escort you to your suite.” The man at the desk waved them to the bellmen with their luggage.

Mr. Sanreap intercepted them. “Gentleman, here is my card with my number. You call me anytime, night or day. Remember no problem is too small. I am here to serve you. I had the men add a case of water to the luggage cart so you may always have some. Are you sure you do not wish me to wait for you to freshen up so I may drive you to dinner.”

“No thank you, Mr. Sanreap. Robin hasn’t slept and I’m beat. I think room service and some sleep is what we should have.”

“Well if you’re sure.” Mr. Sanreap nodded and headed for the door. He stopped to give the bellmen strict orders to call him if there was any issue what so ever or anything his charges needed to call him immediately. What kind of trouble did he anticipate?

“This way, sirs.” The head bellman escorted them into the elevator while the bellman without the gold tassels and fringe took their bags. “Is this your first time in India?”

“Yes,” Josh and Robin both answered.

“Very good. I’m sure with the help of Mr. Sanreap you will enjoy yourselves. But if there’s anything we can do, as our general manager who checked you in said, we’d be happy to serve you.”

Robin was almost positive there was recognition in the man’s eyes, but to his credit he didn’t act on it.

The walk from the elevator to their door was short. “The Kohinoor Suite.”

He flung the door open. They stepped onto hard wood floors.  A plush flowered Persian carpet in rose and cream shades matching the chairs and sofa. An inlaid wooden coffee table that held delicious looking fruit sat in the middle.

The bellman threw up a cabinet to display the hidden contents. “The mini bar and fridge are stocked. The flat screen has all the American channels. This chest contains all the remotes that control lights, air, and sound.”

He strolled to the wall of cream curtains and cast them open. “The Taj Mahal.”

“Wow.” Josh and Robin stumbled toward the view. The gleaming white marble glittered and was highlighted by the almost full moon in the starry sky. Robin followed the man and Josh out onto the balcony that ran the length of their entire room from living room to bedroom. Good Lord even their bathroom had a view.

“It is an UNESCO Heritage site. It took twenty-two years to build this masterpiece. The balance and symmetry make this the finest architectural achievement in the world.” The head bellman boasted. Then he rushed into the room to micromanage the men on suitcase placement.

Robin smiled at Josh. “Thank you.”

Josh returned the affection. When he turned to go inside Josh promised, “I’ll thank you as soon as we’re alone.”

Robin appreciated the view a little longer. He headed inside. 

Josh followed the head bellman around the room with a fist of bills. He appeared to be trying to figure out how to tip them but every time he got close to the guy was off on another tangent of the glorious feature of the luxurious suite.

“The hotel holds a traditional aarti everyday at seven am and six pm. An aarti is the Hindu ritual of offering prayers at dawn and sundown. The ceremony is held at our 280-year-old temple, which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. I hope you will be able attend.” The impromptu tour guide finally seemed to be winding down.

Josh jumped in. “If we plan to attend, we should probably get some sleep.”

Robin yawned, and not just to provide evidence. He’d been up for thirty hours and counting and that huge King bed piled high with white and cream satiny pillows was calling to him.

“Josh, you can go ahead and take a shower first. I need to gather my stuff.” Robin unpacked his clothing. He always put his outfits so they could be hung up right from the suitcase. He tossed his packing cubes of workout clothes and underwear in the drawers. He set his sandals in the closet.

His toiletry suitcase was a bit more complex. He set his makeup case on the vanity area between the bedroom and the bathroom with his brushes and ionic hairdryer. Did Josh pack enough electrical converters? Just when he found all of his shower products, Josh pranced out of the bathroom rubbing his damp hair with a towel.

“I haven’t even touched your suitcase.” Robin sighed. Why wasn’t he quicker?

“No worries. I’ll finish unpacking. Go take a hot shower. It feels good to wash off the jet fumes.”

Robin did. The bathroom was five times as big as his. He stepped into the shower and the ten different water sprays hit him, he tried to decide if it was soothing or annoying. It did reenergize his travel weary body.

He even tried the hotel’s natural products. He liked the soaps but the conditioner couldn’t hold a candle to the one he brought with him. Once he untangled his hair he walked into the bedroom dressed in only a towel.

Josh strutted around the room naked. He bent low to grab a bottle of water from the stockpile Mr. Sanreap had insisted they take. Damn what a view. He brushed past Robin in a hazy scent of lavender and vanilla to put a bottle of the water next to Robin’s side of the bed.


You don’t deserve him.

Robin shook his head, but it didn’t stop the voice. The critical voice of doom seemed to scream loudest when he was doing something enjoyable. “Yeah?”

Josh crossed the room to stand in front of him. “You need to relax.”

“I’m trying.” Robin traced his collar and peeked up at Josh to bat his eyelashes. Please, I need you to take me out of my head.

Understanding flashed across Josh’s face. “Kneel.”

Yes! Everything in Robin went silent as he dropped to his knees.


Robin parted his lips as he took Josh in deep. Oh yes!  This made sense. This he could handle. He didn’t need the order to suck, because he couldn’t stop himself if Josh were in his mouth.

He adored everything about sucking Josh off. The slide of Josh between his lips, the taste, and the connection was enough to make him crave giving blowjobs. But he couldn’t deny he got a jolt of power from sucking on Josh. It fed his ego that he could make his controlled lover nearly swoon with his mouth alone.


Robin sighed as Josh helped him to his feet. He allowed himself to be led to the balcony door. Through the door was a king’s demonstration of true love for his queen. Robin didn’t need a shrine, he needed Josh to take him.

The bellman said their suite was completely private and it appeared as if Josh was going to put that to the test. Josh slid a chair that was just the right height in front of the door. “Over.”

Robin’s equalium had returned. He made what he hoped was a graceful show of taking the position. He arched his back to put his ass out in a way Josh would enjoy.

Josh squatted behind him and licked his tongue up Robin’s crease. “Yes.”

Robin reached back and parted his cheeks. His lover took the hint and wedged his tongue in between. Josh set a glorious pattern in motion. Lick, lick, poke. Lick, lick, poke.

“God.” Robin’s muscles loosen up and his balls tightened. He was so close. If he wasn’t careful he was going to come this way, but he needed to be connected to Josh. “Please.”

Josh patted his ass. Mmmm. Maybe he’d smack Robin’s butt later. One could hope.

Josh left, but was soon back. He draped a towel in front of Robin. He circled his oiled fingers and teased Robin’s entrance. A restless energy forced Robin to start pushing back, seeking penetration.

“Ahhh, yes.” Robin sighed as Josh’s fingers entered him, readying him for bigger and better things.

Josh hugged him from behind, and pulled Robin halfway up. The angle nudged him against Josh’s wet erection. Robin reached behind him to steady his lover. He guided Josh into him.

Robin’s body welcomed Josh inside and allowed him to slide in part way.

“Your reflection is stunning.” Josh reached around to grasp Robin with his moist fist.

Robin glanced up. His image reflected in the glass door, superimposed over the formidable Taj Mahal in front of them.  This was a moment that would be seared into his heart. Not because the one of the Seven Wonders of the World was in view, but because Josh was once again giving him exactly what he needed.

“I love you, Josh.”

Josh grunted, “I love you.” He stroked Robin faster.

Turning his head, Robin made their lips meet before his words joined Josh in their oath. “Always. Together. Forever.”

He hung on by a thread. One word from Josh would cut him loose.

“Come.” Josh strangled the word out as he provided firm tugs.

Robin painted the towel in front of him with his blissful release. Josh filled him with his pleasure and Robin was complete. The world was perfect for this moment in time.

Mr. Sanreap was waiting for them at five am.  “Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

Barely, but Robin smiled and nodded. It was still dark outside. “Yes.”

“Come, follow me. The hotel let us borrow one of their golf carts so we can get to the entrance.” They slid into the open-air vehicle. “They don’t allow cars because of the pollution, but the golf cart will get us very close to the entrance.”

Robin couldn’t see the Taj Mahal as they whizzed down a tree-lined path with small carts setting up to serve food or to sell souvenirs.  A chorus of chirping birds accompanied their ride. There were only a couple other die-hard tourists hiking the path to avoid the crowds and heat that would arrive in another hour.

“Is that a monkey?” Josh asked pointing to a figure scurrying up a tree.

Mr. Sanreap shook his head as he parked the cart. “Tsk, yes. Monkeys are here, there, and everywhere.”

They were cute. “What kind are they?”

“The troublesome kind. Please do not feed them and watch your belongings. They can be thieves.”

As if on cue, a group of monkeys appeared and intercepted them, hands extended. He wanted to give them the treats Josh stuffed in his bag. But he turned toward a shrieking little girl. “The monkey stole my missi roti.”

Sure enough a monkey scampered up a tree holding the child’s flat bread breakfast. The woman holding her hand picked her up. “Do not cry we will get you another. Come back to the man selling them.”

“Shall we go in?” Mr. Sanreap flashed his name badge, handed in two tickets, and the guards waved their party through the gate pass the line that was forming. Robin didn’t like the entitlement of bypassing the cue but he followed his guide.

The sun was just beginning to brighten the area. Through the archway Robin got a picture perfect view. He stopped dead. His first view of the Taj Mahal as dawn was breaking in vivid pinks and oranges.  He snapped a picture with the famous building framed in the scalloped archway.

Mr. Sanreap waited for Robin to get every angle of the Taj from this distance. “May I take a picture of the two of your together?”
“Yes.” Posing was weird until Josh threw an arm around him. Then a smile came naturally to his face.

“The Taj Mahal is facing south so the sun will always be on it. What strikes you as you look at this wonder of the world?” Mr. Sanreap showed off his teaching background the tour company guaranteed he had as he fell into his tour guide mode.

Josh shrugged. “It’s symmetric. Four towers, two buildings on either side, and the garden is balanced.”

Mr. Sanreap’s tone seemed filled with pride as if he had been responsible for Josh’s awareness himself. “Exactly correct. Those towers are called minarets. If you notice, they lean just a bit away from the main building.”

“Yes I see it.” Robin tilted his head and saw the slight angle.

Mr. Sanreap explained, “That’s earthquake protection. The minarets would fall away from the building, not toward it.”

They began ambling up the path Josh asked, “So, what are those buildings used for?”

“Those are mosques. But only one has ever been used. Any guess as to why?”

“No clue,” Josh said as he snapped a view of the Taj through trees.

Mr. Sanreap gestured to the building. “Mosques need to face Mecca. The main building blocks the direction, so that building on the other side was never used as a mosque. It is just there for symmetry.”

His phone buzzed. He checked it and said, “Excuse me.”

Josh caught Robin’s eye and blew him a little kiss while Mr. Sanreap was distracted. Robin hated they couldn’t hold hands here, but at least he still felt connected to Josh.

“Okay. I’m sorry about that. I needed to confirm your next hotel room in Khajuraho. All plans are confirmed. The Emperor Shah Jahan loved his third wife very much. He spent every night for nineteen years in her arms until her death. He was devastated and directed his grief into the project. The Taj Mahal was never a palace as some might think. It is the everlasting resting place for his beloved wife.”

Robin mouthed an “I love you” which his lover, master, and best friend returned instantly. The poor king! Robin understood great love and he lived under the constant fear of its loss.

“Twenty thousand workers started work on the building’s construction in 1631. Here, please put these on.” Mr. Sanreap handed them covers so they didn’t have to remove their shoes.

“The Taj Mahal is made of translucent white marble and inlaid with semi-precious stones. You can see lapis, jade, cornelian, and coral.”

“Beautiful.” Robin started snapping pictures of the glorious inlaid on the floors and on the walls. The flowers flowed over arches and swirled patterns beneath their feet.

Mr. Sanreap shouted something in Hindi. Robin stood silent. The  echo of the ventilated domes rang through the room making chills race up his back. “Some say that’s the sound of infinity. This is a double dome. The inside one is smaller, so the space between them creates an echo chamber.”

Mr. Sanreap marched them down the corridor and pointed out the only thing that was not symmetric:  the king’s tomb. “He was not to be buried here, but in a similar structure in black across the river. His son was against further spending and stopped the construction by placing his father underarrest. Some say it’s because he wanted to be king. When the displaced king died they laid his body to rest down here.”

“At least he’s with his beloved.” Josh smiled at Robin, making Robin’s heart flip.

Mr. Sanreap caught the moment and coughed.

Robin asked, “I read something about the number twenty-two?”

“Yes, the building is built on twenty-two deep wells to protect the building against earth quakes. There are twenty-two steps leading to the entrance of the building. There are twenty-two spires, and the same number of years to build. It was said to be the queen’s favorite number.”

On the plane to Khajurado to visit the erotic temples, Robin leaned over to Josh. “I’ve been practicing yoga.”

“I know. You’re very bendy.” Josh’s tone gave Robin sinful ideas of how his lover might want to see him demonstrate his flexiblity.

“Well, I want to try some of the poses.”

“Yoga poses?”

“Kind of, but more like this one.” Robin opened his book on the Western temples and pointed to a picture. One person looked like an opposite down cross and the other the guy’s straddled the other man’s ass and fucked downward.

“Okay?” Josh stared at Robin.

“This is similar to the Halasana position.” Robin huffed and pulled out his phone. He called up a picture of the yoga move, hoping to wipe the clueless expression off of Josh’s face with information. “The plough position.”


Robin zoomed in on a black-clad man with his toes behind his head. His tight butt was in the air. Robin wanted to offer his ass up to Josh like that.

He held his phone next to the guidebook’s picture from the erotic temple. “See. I wouldn’t extend my arms like this. But it’s almost the same.”

“And you can do this? It doesn’t hurt your neck?” Josh’s face was still scrunched up. His lips pursed to one side then the other.

“I’m bendy. It doesn’t hurt, only gives a good stretch.” Robin had practiced for months, and finally he became limber enough to attempt the sex position. But being able to replicate the position after seeing the stone relief of the position was his prize.


“The temples were built between 950 and 1050 AD. They were spread over 20 kilometers.” Mr. Sanreap stated.

“How many were there?” Josh asked as they mounted the stairs of another structure.

“There were at least 85 but now only 20 remain. The complex is now only six kilometers. The temples were dedicated to the Jain and Hindi. This temple is one of the six dedicated to Shiva and his consorts.”

The positions and his consorts contorted themselves in were impressive. Ah, there’s the relief. Robin bee-lined over to it and snapped a number of close-up pictures of the position he wanted to replicate.

“Come let me show you the only remaining temple for Genasha. He’s the Lord of success.”

“Isn’t he the one who lost his head because his father came home and thought he was his mother’s lover?” Robin sympathized with having an uncontrollable parental figure.

“Yes, and his father found an elephant first and took his head for Genasha.” Mr. Sanreap led them to the next temple. The elephant God was carved in relief on every wall of the temple.

Josh took a sip of water. “He’s the God whose writing was so important he broke off his own tusk to complete it.”

“You have seen most of the temples.” Mr. Sanreap looked at his phone. “It has reached 42C.”

Robin stepped back into the shade of the building and did a quick conversation. “That’s like 107 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“Wow.” Josh handed him a water bottle from the stockpile Mr. Sanreap gave them yesterday.

Robin drank.

Mr. Sanreap used a hanky to wipe the sweat off his brow. “I can take you shopping in town.”

“Oh um…” Robin hesitated.

“Or I’ll drop you at the hotel and you can have a rest.”

“A rest would be nice. It’s really hot.” And Robin was hard in anticipation.

After a short drive back to the hotel, they jumped out of the car. The man said, “I would return at 4:30.  The temples are open until sundown, so we would have a couple of hours to go through some must sees.”

Robin hurried Josh past the concierge.

Once in the room considerably less luxury than their last accomodations, Robin breathed a sigh of relief.  A picture window offered a magnificent view of the erotic temples. The bellman had assured them that with binoculars they could see the carvings in detail.

Robin barely spared the view an appreciative glance as he rushed into the bathroom. He took a thorough but quick shower and stepped out as Josh finished undressing.

“Aw. I thought I’d join you.” Josh’s octave lowered and hinted getting clean hadn’t been his agenda.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.” Robin batted his eyelashes as he turned on his heel and exited the bathroom.

Robin put the do not disturb sign on the door and ensured the double bolt lock was engaged. He did some basic stretches. He took the extra blanket out of the closet and folded it evenly to give himself a little padding between himself and the floor.

He lay down on his back, tucked his knees into the chest, raised his pelvis and lower back up off the floor, and straightened his legs. The position gave a nice stretch as he brought his feet behind his head.

“Lovely.” Josh’s voice broke into the calm Robin had sunk into.

“Thank you.” Robin wigged his ass as much as the position allowed.

It was enough.

“Fuck.” Josh stumbled to his shaving kit and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.

Robin quipped, “The idea was you fuck me. But I’ll happily do you after.”

Josh patted Robin’s vulnerable ass a little harder than necessary, but not as hard as Robin wanted. “Do you think it’s the best time for wisecracks?”

“I think it’s certainly time to focus on cracks.” He hoped Josh would take the hint. He could hold this position for a long time but he had limits.

Josh whacked Robin’s butt, kneeled, and leaned in to lick him. Holy Heavens. That was intense. Maybe it was all the blood to Robin’s head, but wow.

Everything Robin wanted was a bit out of his reach, so with his hands he shifted Josh closer. Yes. Josh belonged in his mouth. He sucked.

Josh moaned and the vibrations were delicious. He used his tongue to enter Robin, but not deep enough. Josh nuzzled and worshipped him, but Robin had to have more. He tried to communicate by sucking harder, but that only made Josh groan, creating more shock waves of sensation.

Robin slapped Josh’s ass. Josh chuckled. “Yes, Master Robin. I’ll get on with it.”

Okay, he was topping from the bottom, or whatever position he was in, but Robin might die if he didn’t get more of Josh immediately.

Josh drew out of Robin’s mouth and stood up.  He squirted gel into his hand and Robin could hear Josh stroke lube his cock as he circled around him.

“I’m sorry but…” His words were lost as Josh teased him with his wet fingers and dipped inside. He tried to readjust his pose to get more insertion, but it was impossible. He was ready. “Argh, not enough. More, Josh.”

Josh straddled his ass and breached him.

Robin’s breath caught. “So deep.”

Instantly Josh withdrew. “You okay?”

He wished he could have a video of this or a mirror so he could watch Josh, Robin gasped,  “Ride me.”

There was hesitation in Josh’s penetration. After a few times Josh pulled out, added more slick, and faced away from Robin. He pushed his cock down into Robin that way.

Oh! The angle was a bit different. Robin wasn’t sure if he liked it, and before he could decide Josh pulled out. “Check. Now slowly roll yourself out of this position.”

“What? Um, okay.” Robin exhaled, released his legs, and laid flat. Josh hadn’t come, and he certainly didn’t as his cock throbbed in complaint. “Didn’t you like it?”

“It was interesting. But I’ve rather look into your eyes as I take you.”

“Oh, where are we going?”

“Wisecracks?” Josh gave him an exaggerated frown.

“No, only empty ones.” Robin kept a straight face for about six seconds before giggling.

Josh parted Robin’s thighs and slid back home.

“Ahhhh, that’s better.” Robin exhaled.

Josh leaned down and sealed his mouth over Robin’s. Enlightenment struck.

When the kiss ended they both whispered what they both knew well before the enlightenment of India, “Together. Always. Forever.”

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