Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Can You Fight Homophobia and Transphobia?

How can you fight homophobia and transphobia? 

That’s what this blog hop is all about! The lovely group of writers: Erica Pike, K-lee Klein, NJ Nielsen, Cherie Noel, Embry Carlysle, Zathyn Priest and Sasha L Miller want us to come together as a group to promote equality.


In honor of May 17th (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) I wanted to share with you an experience I had at my PFLAG group. A mother came to our meeting last month completely overwhelmed. “Yesterday my daughter told me she’s transgender. What does that mean?”

I spoke with her a little after the meeting to let her know I thought she was great for reaching out to find answers. When we parted company, she was still mourning the loss of her daughter but she knew people had her back. She left the meeting with more questions than answers but said she’d try to return.

At our next meeting, she joined us with her teenaged child. She no longer lamented the loss of her daughter but was beginning to celebrate her son.

Her son was stunned when Eden Winters told him about the romances we have in our PFLAG library. (I want to take the opportunity to give a huge HUG and thank you to all the writers and publishers who were generous enough to donate books). The kid was shocked. “There are books about people like ME?”

More than once I’ve sung your praises my Pretty ones. I brag to everyone about the amazing community of readers, writers, reviewers and publishers of LGBTQIA romances.  People who believe love is love and advocate for everyone to have a happily ever after. I wax poetic about all the incredible individuals who promote equality through writing, reading and publishing LGBTQIA romances. People who teach children to love and accept instead of hate. Your words and actions influence and change the world around you. You fight, vote and march for equality.

So how can you fight homophobia and transphobia?

*Continue doing what you’re doing (& do more of the same)

*Vote for candidates who support LGBTQIA issues

*Vote with your dollars for LGBTQIA friendly businesses

*Speak up if someone says something offensive to the LGBTQIA community
*Stay aware of the news it affects all of us

*Educate through your own actions, words and social media

*Wear a supportive LGBTQIA items (rainbow bracelet, T-shirt, etc.)

*Join a PFLAG or Rainbow Support group

* Be there for someone who is confused & reassure him or her

Your turn Pretties! How can we fight homophobia and transphobia? What are your suggestions? Leave a comment and I will put your name in to win an e-book copy of Made in China: The Great Wall or Club Zombie 2: Zombies Suck.  Together we are changing the world one page at a time.

Hugs, Z. Allora

Here's a link to the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia check it out  after you leave your suggestions: