Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black Veil Brides

I want to introduce a band to you I adore: Black Veil Brides. True, they are beautiful to look at but their purpose admirable. Their lyrics give hope and provoke questions. The words in the songs encourage the listener to think beyond themselves and their immediate situation.

Here's one of my favorite video from their new album:   In The End

Andy Sixx (lead singer) has always planned to be a rock star. There was no other choice for him. With their music, the band reaches out to the kids on the fringe who feel like the band member themselves felt growing up. BVB welcomes everyone in their 'army'. Andy Sixx was bullied for his appearance as a kid. He made a decision to use his pen and write music instead of a knife.

Knifes & Pens one of their earliest song.