Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pretties... Come visit my Pretty

Greetings my Pretties!

Look up!!! See my very own pretty.The very talented Zathyn Priest of Scarlet Designs created him for me. Sadly, my sweet lovely is without a name. I need to find something magical, mystical and sexy for him. Suggestions?

Updates on my work:

The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah
The hot ones are now with the second line editor. Very excited about this story. If you like men having hot sex this is a wonderful holiday present to give to yourself.

The Dark Angels: Yaoi Con Adventure
This will be a free read. It is what happens when two rock stars are involved in cos play at Yaoi Con. My two lovely betas are looking at it as I type. Saying "What the hell is Z. trying to say?"... "Is that even possible?" I know this because I can hear their screams.
Made In China 1 & 2 
The Goddess Editor Kris Jacen of MLR Press is interested which is a relief because my youngest character is simply out of control with his need for his lover whose in Made In China. (He's forcing me bump the order of the books.... my adorable artist is making me crazy) Though I guess it's probably my fault since I wrote his princess-like deflowering before I knew if The Dark Angels & Made In China would co-exist.
On a different note, I am thrilled to share some of the experiences I had living in China for the past 6 yrs. One of the characters is from LA so he completely experiences the same WTC  or Welcome to China effect, I did. So many senseless time wasting things that make me thrilled to move back to the USA. Made In China is a great group of guys living in a place (my old apt actually) where gay is truly hidden. But things are changing there...
80's mixed tape
I really really really tried not to answer the open call MLR Press put out for stories about 80's mixed tapes. As the characters were forming, I was strong. I ignored them... until Thursday Euclid decided to introduce me to The Libertines (an British Punk Rock band that imploded due to drug use)... I could have ignored except for the fact that the leads were in love... the longing looks were full of yearning was enough to nearly kill me. I tried not to answer the call but it made me want to tear off my own skin. I had to give my inspirations a happily ever after...  So I have their course plotted and I am in the anger stage at one of the characters... silly but I am pissed I had trouble writing a sex memory. (Now that's a crisis for Z. Allora...) 
Near Miss
Today is Samhain (Halloween... Witch's New Year...OCT 31st) I will say I am thrilled to have a pagan character to play with... I am setting these characters in New Hope PA and Philadelphia. I guess I am a bit homesick for the place I called home for many years. These men meet up every six months at Yaoi Con and a writer's convention... attending the GRL may have had an influence especially since the characters were born in a drunken go-round with other authors.
Club Zombie 1&2
Awaiting edits from Tiffany at Stiff Rain on Zombies Ahead.
Alex and Ulrich are anxious to get my focus for the next installment... but I am a bit worried where Club Zombie will be taking me with book 2. 
***I must plead once again... Stop Zombie Prejudice! I swear once you meet my sweet zombies you'll be coming back for more***
The Ladyboy Chronicles: Illusions & Dreams
Reworking Chapter 7. Eden Winters is a pure Goddess for all of her feedback, suggestions and patience. 
 I had an interesting discussion with a transman and it reinforced I really need an author's note to the reader... Ladyboys have a that very different energy from transgender people in the West. This has a 5 book arc (which will include sex trafficking and kidnapping) but the moral of this series will be Love Is Love.

Other musings:
Almonds arouse passions in females (Session Magazine)... High in Vit E, magnesium and fiber... just saying. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Preparing for a relaunch of Z. Allora Romance

Today, I worked with a very talented artist. He is helping me put together a banner with a lovely male on it. I thought if I had a delicious looking guy to look at I'd have to come... eh, LOL  visit more often.

Z's Updates on Works In Progress:

Near Miss:
I am currently being plagued by plot bunnies named Bobby Kelly and Grant (still working out the spelling of his last name... which means I just too lazy to go find it...).  Bobby Kelly is a 27 yr old man who owes a Pagan shop called Enlightedment in New Hope PA. He is believes in Tantric sex, is a practicing witch and an aspiring writer of Yaoi. Grant's almost 30 and has been burned once too often by a pretty face. He thinks it's just easily to bypass the whole relationship thing so he lives through writing his books. The story follows these two for five years where they meet up every six months at Yaoi Con and a writer's convention. Hopefully, Grant can stop projecting his past mistakes onto Bobby.

My dewy beta and another lovely beta whom I almost met at the GRL is ripping apart Angel & Dare's Yaoi Con adventure. It is belongs in between The Dark Angels: With Wings and The Dark Angels: Tied Together.

The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah is currently coming out of the first round of line edits. Projected release date is Dec 2012.

Club Zombie: Stiff Rain has contracted for Club Zombie: Zombies Ahead. Stiff Rain is a relatively new publishing house that is not afraid to play with taboos and has a more erotic bent to their works. Since I keep saying "Plot is the words between sex scenes"... I am hoping to fit right in!

Made In China: MLR Press has first right of refusal since the series would connect back to The Dark Angels. My wonderful editor Kris Jacen has promised an answer by Thanksgiving if they want the Chinese-based rock band. It is a bit harsher and less Yaoi than my other hot rocker boys. I used my experience of living in China for 6 yrs to give it a sense of reality (though at times the readers will be confused at how things are done there... trust me I was confucktogated most of the time).  ((Confucktogated: a non word that means to be fucked up and confused.))

The Lady Boy Chronicles: Illusions & Dreams is being reviewed and beta-ed by the lovely Ms. Eden Winters. She is truly helping me become a better writer through her loving coaching. This story is about two men visiting Bangkok on vacation and falling for two lady boys.  One of the lady boys has transitioned fully and the other has no plans for the full surgery but is none the less a woman. I want to be extremely careful in my handling of this book... Lady boys in Thailand have a very different energy then transgender people of the West.

It was simply amazing. A lot has been said on this retreat but unless you go you can't truly understand the level of love and acceptance that spilled out from absolutely everyone. To quote Eden Winters yet again "It is like returning to your tribe." There was an instant connection between all of us that I have never expected or experienced in my life.  Next year Oct 16-20 I'll be in Atlanta GA at GRL #3!!!

Hugs, Z.