Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bisexuality Celebration

Bisexual individuals have the ability to be attracted to both men and women.

Someone who is bisexual can face a lot of prejudice and confusion about their orientation. They can be accused of being indecisive or greedy or just going through a phrase.

It's true for some people the label of bisexuality is a steppingstone on the way to coming out as gay or lesbian.  For these folks, bisexuality is category they tried on to see what feels right. I’m sure many of us have known people who say they are bisexual but than later come out. Though remember identity for some individuals can evolve over time... and that's okay >>> cause we don't judge and we aren't the orientation police!

Here’s a cute man setting the record straight… 

Here’s a lovely lady sharing silly things that show some people are confused by bisexuality.

I think SOME of the GAY FOR YOU or OUT FOR YOU sub-genre characters are bisexual and not aware of it. As with all sexualities & orientations there’s a spectrum so a dude could be all about the ladies then… BAM meet a gorgeous male hot rocker and lose his damned mind.

That’s what happens in With Wings. Darius Stone was “straight”. His switch was never flipped for a guy… but damn he couldn’t shake his attraction and eventual feelings for Angel Luv. (Totally understandable!) 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pride & Z. Allora's Zombies


Pride is about celebrating, educating and raising awareness about the LGBTQIA community. It's a place that people gather and realize they aren't alone. It's a place young people can see equality. Pride celebrates give unconditional acceptance and a place where everyone can be exactly who are. ((You don't have to be on the rainbow to attend you just need to be supportive!))
Sorry I was too short to capture the crowd!

As a rainbow romance writer I wanted to let the people of South Carolina know there are romances about people on the rainbow. Love is love and EVERYONE deserves a happily ever after (if they want one).

Eden Winters & Z. Eden is one of my critique partners who is an incredible writer and an amazing friend who is generous with her time... dealing with Z. trauma drama, untangling Z. speak and shaking the pretty out of my head.

In the middle between Eden & Z. is one of the pioneers of the gay romance genre. Ally Blue!!! Who stopped down for a visit. 

 There will always be haters. My first Pride 3 yrs ago there were 16 people screaming we'd be going to Hell. Each year people celebrating PRIDE grows and each year the protesters dwindle.

Here's the sad group on the wrong side of history this year.

The only reason why I'm showing you their negative bullshit so that you understand why it's important for everyone who can go to PRIDE events to go. Your participation as a sane normal person speaks volumes. You wearing a rainbow might reach someone who felt alone. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Here's a list of PRIDE festivals all over the country. See which one is closest to you and make a plan to go!
                                                                         PRIDE CELEBRATIONS

                         Zombies Suck... but mine SWALLOW

September 18, 2015 Club Zombie: Zombies Ahead returns to the shelf. 


It's been polished and re-written into a novel (20,000 words have been added). PL Nunn made me a snazzy new cover.

Now before you turn away with an EW! I don't like ZOMBIES... I don't like the traditional zombies either... mine are sexy. My lovely young men don't stumble around seeking brains... No, though warning they may drop to their knees to receive what they need to survive male ejaculate...

I know some of you are shaking your head thinking: What the hell has Z. Allora done this time? Just correcting the zombie lore one blowjob at a time... LOL. Check out Zombies Ahead and see all the creative ways Club Zombie helps them in searching for their mates.


                                                                                 Amazon   Nook/Epub 

Happy PRIDE & Happy Zombie Release!
Hugs, Z.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Come, Cum, Spooge, Sperm, Ejaculate

Club Zombie: Zombies Ahead is up for pre-order!!! My zombies are all about come... out. They aren’t rotting corpses stumbling around looking for brains. Nope! Z.Allora’s zombies are sweet, sexy guys searching for male essence. You guessed it: Ejaculate. I’m mean REALLY! I don’t see the excitement for the undead whining about ingesting brains… but hot guys craving come… now that’s a concept worth a series!


Their transition begins at nineteen and completes on their twenty-third birthday. Hopefully, they find their mates before their transition is complete or they lose the ability to orgasm until they find their other half… but they still need male essence. (Talk about frustration!) Though Club Zombie has developed interesting ways for them to receive what they need: blowjob shoe shine stations, glory holes, BJ Alley, and a favorite for zombies already past their twenty-third birthday the BDSM room where they can hid their impotence in chastity. 

Below you see my original cover... that scene was stuck in my head for 17 years!!! (But Amazon thought it too risque so it was doomed to the dungeon... and not the fun kind!)

I did a lot of research on sperm (… allowing time for your imagination to catch up). The Healing Properties of Semen  from Health Now blog did a great job of summing up the wonderful properties of what the philosophers called the ’substance of the soul’ .

Could a spurt of sperm be the next wonder drug? If these amazing results gathered in this article are valid doctors might be suggesting you suck it up and swallow.

A study in 2002 out of Albany NY suggested depressed women exposed to semen were less likely to commit suicide. It’s believed the sperm balances the hormones. Other studies have shown semen lowers the risks of breast cancer and frequent ejaculation decreases the risk of prostrate cancer. Pregnant women ingesting semen lowers the rate of preeclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure) and could be a possible cure for morning sickness. The protein in semen can regulate ovulation. Sounds too good to be true?
>>>I personally think researchers should investigate female orgasm rate with… just about anything… cause it’s important too!<<<

Hugs, Z.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Writers: What do you do all day?

I've been asked a number of times... my answers vary from watch porn and masturbate to WRITE! Then you get well if you're writing all the time why haven't you published more books? 

It's a valid question because I really did think writers wrote more… instead I find myself doing many other things that will assist me in publishing. 

Let's take it from the beginning:

You have written the song of your heart… a fabulous book… now what? Well, you don't exactly type THE END and head off to the best seller's list (I've heard rumors those exist... I wouldn't know personality LOL)

*Self-edit (or try to):
Usually I put the manuscript I've just written through an editing programming, make the corrections and re-read it. (This might be the 10th time I've gone through my work) Then I pass it to my beta/critique partners to shred my words. Then I sort through their feedback and improve the story.

*Submit to a publisher:
Write a query letter, and a synopsis = imagine a book report that boils down your blood sweat and tears into a couple of pages… then you WAIT  (bypass if you have an editor who adopts you as theirs)
(If accepted):
Edits: With editor 1, editor 2, and possibly a third or fourth go round, lines 1-2x, proofing

Cover Art  : Working with an artist to come up with a good representation of your book that’s marketable. 

Blurb: Boiling down your stories into a jazzy two hundred word blip to entice readers to give your story a try. 
(If not accepted>>> it’s back to the drawing board with re-writes based on feedback, court a new publisher)

You get to bypass the publisher stuff but you want to make damned sure you do the edits, proofing and you commission your cover art directly.

*Beta/critique for others because 1) it’s nice to return the favor 2) it helps you become a better writer to READ for another author.

*Read articles on the craft of writing, trends in the market, grammar, style...

*Social media
It can be a useful way to get your name out there. Yes, I’m talking about branding (who are you as an author and getting your message to your audience). It allows you to tell the world you birthed a new book. (Hopefully, without overselling cause EVERYONE including the authors HATE when that happens) But you can’t just rely on one place nope! You need to get the word out at different times and in different places.

Your own blog should be updated on a regular basis. Some writers are able to do this once a day, every few days… me I’ve committed to once a week. We’ve been told you’re not writing the blog for today but for the future… meaning someone will come across a tag that leads them to you & your magical books. So blogs are important!

No surprise to some of you that Facebook is my favorite venue! Maybe it was not being allowed to use it when I lived in China… but I ADORE playing with my Facebook Pretties! I love what people post on my wall, the PMs, the responses to my posts and the answers to my questions. It’s my way of staying connected. My Pretties make me think, smile and giggle! So Facebook is a joy to me. (I bop on and off of it while I’m writing to touch base so if you PM me & I’m not online I’ll probably be there soon).

I’ve met with people about how to make Twitter work, I’ve even watched YouTube videos on tweeting. I’m able to do #TravelTuesday & good LBGTQ+ news… but I’m still not comfortable with it.

*Insta-graming: Haven’t attempted it… Know Thy Limits. I simply can’t do it all.

*Pinteresting: I try to pin things to my boards about travel since my books are based partly on my travel experiences. I’m even using the secret board option to work on my works in progress.

*Website: Make sure your website is up to date… oh and if you put your website on your writer banner the one you plan to put on your table at Upstate Pride>>> you might want to make sure it works… GRRRRRRR!!!! Most of my week has been devoted to making a new website.

*Keeping up E-mail

*Conventions s
Preparation (swag can take weeks to order and longer to figure out what makes sense with you and your books). Attending the classes/panels usually gives you more to dos while you try  not to implode in a nervous wreck. Of course there's the travel time and dealing with the illness in the aftermath.... But I LOVE THEM!!! It's where my tribe meets.

Your book is releasing: 

Blog Tour: You can pay for assistance or schedule it yourself (=scheduling takes time and you usually want to contact 8-15 blogs) Either way you should pull together a media package (all the information on your book, cover art, blurb, excerpt & buy links) and you need to write 8-15 blogs, announce where you will be when, and follow up with commenters.

Giveaways: Request to do them, schedule them, publicize, follow-up and give out prizes.

Reviews: You need to ask review sites if they would be interested in reviewing your book. If a review is scheduled make sure you know when so you can publicize it.

Your Rights Are Yours Again: Books are under contract for 1-5 years with automatic renewals in some contracts. You need to manage this. If the rights are returned to you the choice is they go out off all bookshelves or you get them with another publisher or learn to get them on Amazon, All Romance Books, Kobo, Apple, Draft 2 Digital, etc. (Did you need to re-write them first? If so, beta/critique partners, editing, etc. all need to be re-done.)

There’s a number of other things that come up but those are some of the basics I spend my writing time doing. Trust me when I say I'm not complaining but I wanted to share.

So if you’re wondering why your favorite author hasn’t gotten the next book out… these are some of the things a writer’s time is spent doing.

Hugs, Z. Allora