Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bisexuality Celebration

Bisexual individuals have the ability to be attracted to both men and women.

Someone who is bisexual can face a lot of prejudice and confusion about their orientation. They can be accused of being indecisive or greedy or just going through a phrase.

It's true for some people the label of bisexuality is a steppingstone on the way to coming out as gay or lesbian.  For these folks, bisexuality is category they tried on to see what feels right. I’m sure many of us have known people who say they are bisexual but than later come out. Though remember identity for some individuals can evolve over time... and that's okay >>> cause we don't judge and we aren't the orientation police!

Here’s a cute man setting the record straight… 

Here’s a lovely lady sharing silly things that show some people are confused by bisexuality.

I think SOME of the GAY FOR YOU or OUT FOR YOU sub-genre characters are bisexual and not aware of it. As with all sexualities & orientations there’s a spectrum so a dude could be all about the ladies then… BAM meet a gorgeous male hot rocker and lose his damned mind.

That’s what happens in With Wings. Darius Stone was “straight”. His switch was never flipped for a guy… but damn he couldn’t shake his attraction and eventual feelings for Angel Luv. (Totally understandable!) 


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