Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interview with Angel Luv


Z. I rarely have guests on my blog but one of my main guys from With Wings was willing to answer some questions it was too good to resist.  I'm very excited to welcome Angel Luv to Z. Allora's Haven.

Angel: (reclines back on my black sofa he snatches a sip of my diet peach Snapple)

Z. (I restrain myself I don't squeeeee like a an 8th grader meeting their rock idol. I'm never throwing out that Snapple bottle but I can play it cool.) So Angel Luv that’s an interesting name… (That's a lame question!)

Angel: Eh, what can I say? Mom was a hippie. I was just lucky I wasn’t a girl. I think I would’ve been called Hart Luv.

Z. (Sigh, he does have a piercing stare that seems to read everything in my mind. Focus on the interview.) So you’re a singer by profession?

Angel: Yeah, I’m the singer for The Dark Angels and Darius Stone’s lover.

Z. (Coughing Snapple down wrong pipe. Shit, never heard words purred in such a suggestive manner before.)

Angel: What? The way I do it… trust me it is a profession.

Z. (Oh my) I have no doubt. Um, so how old are you?

Angel: I’m 28. My birthday is October 26th. Hey you don’t think your readers thought I’d be born under any other sign in the zodiac? Scorpio is the sex sign.

Z. (No kidding... is it hot in here?) I’ve heard that.

Angel: Aren’t you a Scorpio?

Z. (Not going there. I am interviewing.) What’s your favorite color?

Angel: Darius’s blush.

Z. (Stay on this roll) Are you a dog or a cat person?

Angel: Dogs... cause I like doing it doggy style.

Z. (All things grind to a halt) Um… even I don’t think they are in any way related.

Angel: (He arched his perfectly shaped eyebrow in... is that disbelief?)

Z. What? (I'm innocent I don't know what he's referring to at all. Give him big eyes and flutter my lashes... hey it works for Darius soooo I figured it's worth a try.)

Angel: Nothing my Pretty one, nothing at all. Oh I was asked by the guys to thank you  for spending the last year re-writing The Dark Angels series.

Z. You're welcome. I just had to get it right.

Angel: Of course but you must admit to deny my point of view in With Wings was really just cruel. The readers not being allowed into my head was a crime.

Z. (Snort) I wouldn't go that far but there were too many scenes left in my head. I had no choice. I love you guys and I needed to give you my very best. Anyway, enough about me and my do-over, so some of the readers were wondering do you consider yourself bi-sexual or gay or…?

Angel: I’m gay. Dusty says I’m a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey Scale. 

Z. Do you want to describe the Kinsey Scale for our readers? 

Angel: Not really. (He kicks a long lean leg over the arm of my sofa and reaches for my Snapple.)

Z. (SNORT) Okay, I will. It's a scale 0 thru 6 that demonstrates people don't fit into neat boxes of straight, gay and bi-sexual. 0 equals only heterosexual experience and 6 is only homosexual experience. 3 would be considered bi-sexual and the numbers in between allow for variation. 

Angel: So I would be a 4 or 5 on the scale because I’ve been with women. 

Z. Did Dusty tease you about no have being have a gold star?

Angel:  Course the jackass needs something to do. But hey women are just too delicious not to sample. But I simply find the flavor I like the best is man…

Z. And perhaps one guitar player in particular?

Angel: (smiling big) Definitely.

Z. Are you concerned being gay will impact your record sales?

Angel: I don’t fucking care if it does. Where I put my dick, mouth or ass is my business and the destination's business only. If anyone has a problem with acceptance I don’t want them to buy our music. But besides I don't have to worry I know The Dark Angels Pretties aren’t closed minded jackasses!

Z. (Oh, I can see why Dare finds him so alluring. His passion is... electric.) Um... eh.

Angel: Do you need some Snapple?

Z. (I take the bottle ensuring our fingers do not touch. I take a slow sip as I catch my breath.) Um, so you’re extremely busy with the tour but do you have time for any hobbies?

Angel: Sex, thinking of creative things to do in a stage show, sex, bugging Dusty, sex… singing. Did I say sex?

Z. (Oh God. I know that. It seems to constantly happen) Er, yes, you did about four times.  So hmmm... what’s your favorite food?

Angel: Darius Stone… 

Z. Fuck!
Angel: Hmmm, great suggestion. I wonder where he is? Dare? Dare?

Z. Um, well since our singer wandered off so I guess our interview is over. (But watching him walk away is also a pleasure... mmmm yummmm!) Damn it! He just found Dare. Now if I can just block out the moans long enough I'll post this.

Hugs, Z. Allora

With Wings Blurb:
The lights go down and stage lights up. The Dark Angels have arrived. With his come-hither voice and body made for sin, lead singer Angel Luv draws lovers like a magnet. And when he caresses and taunts shy guitarist Darius Stone on stage, well…it’s an act, right? But every touch lights a fire, and every flirtatious glance chips away at Dare’s certainty that he’s straight. No one else has so captured his imagination.

Temptation beckons. It’s hard not to notice the want in Dare’s eyes, the way he stares when he thinks Angel’s not watching. One wrong move might scare him away, but a work trip to exotic Bali might be the perfect place to let Dare explore his sexuality, with none to be the wiser. But their “friends with benefits” pact has an expiration date, that just might sour their friendship.