Thursday, January 26, 2017

Queerness in Sci-Fi


I wrote The Craving because I wanted to add my voice sci-fi. I wanted to share my vision of what sexuality is like in another star system... hoping the distance helps to shift the filters we view the world through to a more open, and accepting lens.

Lifemates? Soulmates? Denying who we are? Responsibilities over our hearts? The essence of BDSM slavery? Racism? Sexism? Ableism? I didn't dive deep The Craving is a romance after all but for readers who are looking they'll find some of these things explored (but none solved).

I thought this video was an interesting review of how Star Trek tackles social issues or not.

Hugs, Z.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Craving vs Pon Farr

The Craving is my 1st sci-fi >>> it's a space opera.  It takes places in the Xantha star system.

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The title was named after an undeniable urge that drives K'Dane citizens to find their life mates---if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings. 

The craving would remind most sci-fi buffs of Pon Farr (from Star Trek). Here's a video from Star Trek explaining what happens when Vulcans go into the Pon Farr.

Pon Farr and the craving have some similarities:

*Biologically Driven

*Out of Control
To quote Tuvok from Voyage: "There is nothing logical about Pon Farr. It is a time when instinct and emotion dominate over reason..."

But there are significant differences:
Though biologically driven K'Danes need the agreement of all parties involved. There's no forcing involved. In Star Trek pushing to the point of consent being questionable almost comes up.

K'Danes are proud of the progressive stance on sex (& much to the chagrin of Phoenix Dotir) talk about the craving openly so there is no embarrassment around it.
Vulcans can resolve Pon Farr by taking a mate, meditation or ritual combat. K'Danes have wild sex which usually leads to finding their mate and in rare circumstances some medicate. Phoenix Dotir mediates. It's almost unheard of to do neither and survive but that's what star chaser Zadra Solav does. 

The craving... a little like Pon Farr, but not. 

Hugs, Z.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Misogyny... and you? me? What?

Misogyny is hatred of women.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says, "Misogyny may be distinguished from the closely related word sexism, which signifies discrimination based on sex (although it most frequently refers to discrimination against women) and also carries the meaning “behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.” ((

Misogyny, sexism along with a whole host of other prejudices make up the filter we view the world through... kind of scary, huh? I've blogged about this before I was shocked to discover I was sexist but I've acknowledged it and I'm working on it. 

Here's two videos I wanted to share with you.

We need to lose the belief that someone on the rainbow would NEVER hold outdated beliefs and act on them. (I wasn't.)

This next video shows how sexism & misogyny isn't coming just from males... Females have internalized it and most of us aren't even aware of it.

What can you do?
1) Be aware of it.
2) Examine your decisions with the knowledge you might have some subconscious bias against women.
3) Educate yourself
4) (if possible) Point out sexism when it happens.
5) Monitor your own negative comments.

Hugs, Z.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jordon Davis Speaks

FINALLY the story you have been waiting for: MY STORY is being written. It won't be out until next year but at least I'll be getting some happy times!!!

Most of you know me as a little kid... but I'm not I'm 20. One of the things I did was to write love letters to my future husband... here's one of them. 

Z. Allora wishes you a happy, healthy and orgasm filled 2017! 

I hear it's the Year of the COCK (starting Jan. 28th).

Dear Future Love,

I know we haven't met yet because well I just finished up my sophomore year of high school and let's just say I've never won any popularity contests with the jackasses I went to school with... though it's really odd because I'm a great guy. Well if you're reading this you already believe that.

So I just turned sixteen and I've never been kissed. I had been sextexting some guys (don't get jealous I was hoping one of them was you)... well things got out of hand quick. It was screwed up but Zack was there to save my ass... literally. Dusty's boyfriend was the one who finally got me to speak to the police (apparently he'd not been as lucky as me). I don't think I'll attempt meeting anyone else soooooo hurry the hell up and sweep me off my feet. I'm READY for LOVE!!!

My mother tried to stop Zack and me from seeing our older brother but I couldn't handle that. We snuck around to see him but then I decided to come out. Maybe it wasn't the best time to blurt out my attraction to boys since my mother was having a church meeting at our house but I figured I'd test her unconditional love.

She failed. Her love had conditions. Within hours I was packed me up and she let my older brother have full custody of me. It's better this way but I don't know how you kick out your own child. Zack was booted later that same night so know we are all going on tour with Dusty, his boyfriend and The Dark Angels.

Oh yeah my oldest brother Dusty's a drummer and co-founder of The Dark Angels.  Zack says he wanted to be a roadie for the band. So I'm going to do the rest of high school online, work on my art and see the world with my brothers (and search for you!).

I'm an artist. But you know that or you will because I'm going to include a drawing, painting or something with most of the letters. I love creating something exactly as it should be. You know when you like take a picture of a landmark and angle the camera so you cut out the people... that's what I do with anything I make. I don't believe I need to replicate reality but I alter it to make it pleasing. It take out the bad stuff so only the good interesting stuff is left.

I wish I could find out about you.  I wonder who you are and what you look like? But that doesn't matter only that we love each other.

Love and long lingering kisses,