Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Craving vs Pon Farr

The Craving is my 1st sci-fi >>> it's a space opera.  It takes places in the Xantha star system.

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The title was named after an undeniable urge that drives K'Dane citizens to find their life mates---if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings. 

The craving would remind most sci-fi buffs of Pon Farr (from Star Trek). Here's a video from Star Trek explaining what happens when Vulcans go into the Pon Farr.

Pon Farr and the craving have some similarities:

*Biologically Driven

*Out of Control
To quote Tuvok from Voyage: "There is nothing logical about Pon Farr. It is a time when instinct and emotion dominate over reason..."

But there are significant differences:
Though biologically driven K'Danes need the agreement of all parties involved. There's no forcing involved. In Star Trek pushing to the point of consent being questionable almost comes up.

K'Danes are proud of the progressive stance on sex (& much to the chagrin of Phoenix Dotir) talk about the craving openly so there is no embarrassment around it.
Vulcans can resolve Pon Farr by taking a mate, meditation or ritual combat. K'Danes have wild sex which usually leads to finding their mate and in rare circumstances some medicate. Phoenix Dotir mediates. It's almost unheard of to do neither and survive but that's what star chaser Zadra Solav does. 

The craving... a little like Pon Farr, but not. 

Hugs, Z.

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