Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Truth or Dare

One year after Finally Fallen 
((Copyrighted Dec 2014))
***** The Dark Angels is a hot rocker series. This is a little short takes place between The Dark Angels: Tied Together and The Dark Angels: Finally Fallen. Justin is still battling his demons. A happily ever after doesn't mean everything is peachy and fixed it means the characters are able to deal with whatever life throws them. ******
Robin Strider: Keyboard player
Josh Strider: Bass player
Darius Stone (Dare): Guitar player
Angel Luv:  Singer
Dusty Davis: Drummer
*****I apologize in advance. No official editor has kissed this short. *****
WARNING: if you don't like couples having sex in the same room please don't read it. When this band does it... it simply reinforces their closeness & clearly establishes the couples.

Justin lounged in the newly remodeled living room of The Dark Angels’ practice space. The band had created a state of the art recording studio on the other end of their converted warehouse last year. This year, Angel had convinced each member of The Dark Angels to remodel the three bedrooms to make them larger, and attached huge bathrooms to each of them.
Dusty and Josh complained about the inconvenience of tripping over construction materials. But each of the couples had appreciated the new rooms since their return from the tour. Justin blushed when he remembered how much he and Dusty relished using the room with the huge Jacuzzi.
“So, let’s get together next week when your schedule lightens up a bit,” Justin said into his cell phone.
 Ryan laughed. “Sure, if Skylar allows us to take a lunch.”
Justin could imagine the expression accompanying Skylar disgruntled snort. “We have to do intakes for new business, redo the website that keeps crashing, and hold training.” Their new venture had really taken off. They filled a niche market, which exploded with opportunities.
“Skylar’s just cranky. I think he needs more sex.” Ryan chortled.
Justin wanted to come up with a retort, but with these two he wished they’d get together and have some sex.  Skylar’s growl told him that hadn’t happened yet.
Skylar must have pulled the phone away from Ryan. “We should have some time next Thursday.”
“Sounds like a plan. Text you guys later.” Justin ended the call just as The Dark Angels strolled out of their practice session and joined him.
He’d already set out their usual Friday night celebration-of–the week-ending feast of pizza, beer, and several other finger foods Josh requested for Robin.
The guys stumbled around, collapsing onto the pillows he’d put around the coffee table. The band was spending all their waking time at the studio, sorting through their unreleased material to pick for their new album. Ecstasy Sounds was nipping at their heels for more music. “How are the new songs coming along?”
Angel spoke up, “Actually, we’re much further than any of us thought.”
“Speak for yourself. I knew we were good.” Dusty blew into Justin’s ear, making him giggle.
Josh nodded. “Yeah, we are. Ang, I know modifying our sound wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do.”
“I think the new songs are awesome. I love them.” Geez, fanboy much? Dusty snuggled Justin close as if reinforcing his appreciative gush.
“We’re all adjusting.” Josh glanced over at Robin.
Robin grimaced. He shook his long hair back over his shoulder. It was almost black with only hints of his signature blue-green streaks. “They want me to sing more than backup.” Getting Robin to sing backup last year had been a major accomplishment, so the band trying to get him to sing without the safety of hiding behind Josh and Dusty’s voice was going to be a Herculean feat.
“You have such a distinctive voice that adds depth,” Justin said, hoping he didn’t offend Angel.
Robin pouted and pointedly tried to change the subject. “This spread looks great, Just.”
Angel wasn’t letting the subject go just yet. “Only if you’re comfortable, Robin. But you know several of the songs suit your voice better than mine.”
Darius stepped up to rescue Robin from his lover’s gentle pushing, which might have felt more like shoving to the shy keyboard player. He asked Justin, “Did Andrew decide if he could join us on the next tour?”
Everyone began to dig into the pizzas. Justin had never been more confused by his brother’s actions in the last year. Then again, poor Andrew’s life had flipped upside down when his longtime boyfriend walked out.
Andrew had severed all ties with Charlie. They had sold their condo to separate from each other completely. Andrew’s salon was doing well, but he just seemed off. “I don’t know. He needs to find someone he trusts to manage his business while he would be with us. But I hope so.”
“Oh, me too,” Robin said with a dreamy look.
Josh pinched him on the side of his ass. Robin jerked his butt out of range and stuck his plate into the target zone. Josh dropped a slice of pizza on top of the carrot sticks and celery.
“What?” Robin rolled his eyes at Josh’s show of jealousy. “The guy gives good hair.” After taking a bite of pizza to appease Josh, he added, “Not as good as you, but he takes extra time with me. Especially when I’m nervous before a show. He relaxes me.”
Justin raised an eyebrow at Robin. “Andrew said he’d never had a more appreciative customer or a better head of hair to work on than yours, Robin.”
Robin gave a sound between a squeal and a giggle. Justin wasn’t sure if it was because of what he said or where Josh’s hands might be.
Dusty grabbed another piece of pizza and swiped Justin’s beer to gulp half of it down.
“What’s the deal with Zack and Andrew?” Josh asked. Everyone looked at him. “What? They just seem...I don’t know. Like magnets.”
Dusty shook his head. “Zack was interested, but Andrew knew he was too young. He let him down nicely.”
“Ha, a little too quickly and harshly in my book,” Justin added. What the hell was wrong with his brother? Justin was positive he had a thing for the kid. They’d agreed to not talk about the situation.
Robin glanced around the group. “Anyone up for ’Truth or Dare’?”
Josh asked, “Are you just trying to get out of eating?”
“Tsk, no. I ate a bunch.” Robin patted his belly.
Dusty grumbled, “What’s the point of playing with sixth graders?”
Josh tilted his head at Robin, who glanced over at Angel and Darius. Then the entire band, in unison, turned to stare at him and Dusty. Butterflies the size of elephants were doing the jitterbug inside Justin. As uncomfortable as it was, he acknowledged the attention was hot as hell.
Grinning, Josh asked Justin, “Truth or dare?”
“Be nice!” Dusty barked out in Justin’s defense. It was really cute.
Angel chuckled. “Yeah, I remember several games where someone wasn’t very nice.”
Dusty enfolded Justin in his arms. Justin looked up at his lover. “I used to love this game. I’d like to play, unless you don’t want to.”
Sighing, Dusty closed his beautiful green eyes for a moment. “Fine.”
“Tell me if I get a dare you don’t like, ‘cause I’ll take a truth for you.” Justin hated taking truths; usually they were much harder than the dares. He grinned at Josh. “Bring it, Josh. Dare.”
“I dare you to kiss each and every one of us,” Josh challenged. “Adult enough for you, Dust?”
What? Him, kiss each member of The Dark Angels? That was the stuff of teenaged dreams. Fantasies pre-the best boyfriend in the world! He met Dusty’s gaze. How did Dusty feel about him kissing everyone?
Dusty stroked his face and told him, “Up to you, Just. I don’t mind that Josh obviously wants to play Spin the Bottle with you.”
“Well, this is was one way to start the game off!” Justin shrugged.
He could do this, right? He still had issues with flashbacks at times, but working with his new therapist helped. This situation pushed his boundaries, but fuck, he wanted to try. His boyfriend liked to watch him… Was it bad he was getting hard?
Robin rested his head on Josh’s shoulder and stared at Justin. Darius and Angel watched him too.
Justin closed his eyes briefly. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about kissing each of them before he met Dusty. Hell, his fanfiction attested to the depth of his fantasies. “Okay.”
He shuffled on his knees to where Angel and Dare lounged. Hmmm, how did he do this? He glanced back at Dusty, who sat watching, his face an unreadable mask.
Justin leaned over to kiss Dare, who was further away. Darius seemed like a good first choice, much less daunting than Angel.
Darius smiled at him and said, "Hey" before he shut his eyes and puckered up in an exaggerated fashion, which made everyone laughed.
Dare opened one eye to peek at Angel and combed his fingers through Justin’s hair. A peaceful calm came over Justin.
Justin leaned forward and pressed his lips onto Darius’s. Dare kissed back. Mmmm, his lips were petal soft and infinitely tender.
Justin parted his lips under the gentle assault and Dare swept his tongue in for a moment before the kiss ended. They opened their eyes at the same time and smiled at each other.
Dare’s kiss gave Justin the confidence he needed to approach Angel. Angel darted his gaze behind him, probably to Dusty.
Justin sensed their ninja, best friend communication pass between the two of them. Their close relationship had never made him jealous. He was actually happy Dusty had such a good friend.
He might have been blushing a little as he leaned down to Angel. It was impossible to be alive and not feel drawn in by the charismatic power that was Angel Luv.
Tilting his head, Angel parted his lips slightly before their mouths met. The meeting of lips was a sweet but chaste. Not even a hint of tongue. The kiss was over in a little under three seconds. Slight disappointment coursed through Justin.
Angel winked and said, “Can’t get him jealous.”
Justin wasn’t sure if he meant Dusty or Dare, but he nodded and tried not to feel like an idiot as he moved on to the Striders.
Josh rubbed his hands together. “Oh, yeah. Come to Papa.”
Justin snorted until he heard Dusty’s soft growl. “Don’t want you upset. I can still take a truth.”
Angel chuckled. “I don’t think he’s upset as much as he is excited.”
Justin glanced in the general direction of his lover’s pants. Angel was right. Knowing Dusty was aroused hardened Justin completely. Still, he didn’t need to get all horny kissing Dusty’s friends, now his friends. He shared a look with his lover, which turned into one of a question.
Dusty grunted in response.  Then he gestured to Josh and Robin.
“That means ‘continue’ in Dusty-speak,” Darius translated.
Robin made room for Justin as Josh patted his lap.
Robin whispered, “You okay?” He sat on Josh’s thighs.
The two of them knew enough about his past not to make Justin feel trapped, but the position welcomed into their little circle of love.
He nodded.
The thought these two sexy band mates of his boyfriend wanted to kiss him was a bit heady. Justin hadn’t really kissed anyone but Dusty. And here he was locking lips with rock stars.
He peered over at Dusty, who threw him an air kiss. 
Robin’s sweet face and Josh’s handsome one descended. Breath mingled breath caressed his lips right before Josh and Robin’s mouths touched his and each other’s at the same time.
It was the hottest three-way kiss he’d ever imagined. Wild. The two lovers appeared to work as a team, driving him right out of his mind.
Soft, moist lips teased him into opening his mouth. Two tongues tangled together with his, and at a distance he heard a groan. He realized after the kiss came to a sizzling end the noise had come from his own mouth.
Justin stayed in Josh’s arms for a moment before reopening his eyes. Damn. Robin and Josh both grinned at him as he tried to get his wits about him.
He glanced sheepishly over at Dusty, who adjusted his sitting position. Justin hurried back to his man, only to be pulled into a scorching kiss. Dusty reclaimed his mouth for his own.
His heart clenched as he whispered, “I love you.” An overwhelming sense of acceptance, love, and happiness surrounded Justin. Not just from Dusty, but from the entire band.
“I love you, too, Justin.” Dusty reminded him, “Your turn.”
“Oh right. Um… truth or dare, Darius?” Justin asked as he tried to move in a way that gave him more room in his pants.
“Hmmm, a dare from you might be interesting, but I need to piss Dusty off, so truth.”
Justin had learned over the past year that Dare was a bit of a troublemaker.
Dusty’s whole body rumbled with a groan. “Of course, you’re a wimp.”
“Yup, that’s me.” Dare was clearly proud of his accomplishment and fist bumped Josh.
Holy fuck! Sometimes, it hit him. Justin was sitting with The Dark Angels. They were his friends, and had been for almost two years. It was a bit strange when he actually remembered it. He shook the knowledge off. “Okay. So, have you guys all ever... you know?”
Dare appeared completely innocent. “Have we what, Just?”
What? Oh, he was busting on him, there was no way Dare was that innocent. “Ha. Have you all been together?”
“You mean a threesome, foursome, or fivesome?”

“Yes.” Justin nodded, but did he really want to know? Dusty had said he’d very little experience, but maybe they were part of that.
Dare curled up into Angel. “Yup. We’ve had a foursome.”
 Justin spun to Dusty and asked, “Did you?”
“Hey, you’ve already had your turn,” Josh reminded.
“Nope. I wasn’t invited.” Justin heard the slight annoyance in Dusty’s voice.
“You weren’t gay, remember?” Dare pointed out.
“Neither were you!” Dusty threw back. He pointed at his chest and said, “Demi-sexual.”
“Yeah, well, bi-sexual.” Dare cracked a smile first. “With a complete preference for sexy male rock stars.”
“Drop the plural,” Angel snapped and pulled him into a kiss.
Robin interjected, “We, Josh and I, celebrated Angel’s birthday the year before Dare joined the group.” He grinned at Dare. “Then we celebrated again for Dare’s birthday.” He gestured to the four of them.
“And a few times since,” Josh supplied. Holy Shit! All of them together… that was the stuff of fantasy.
Dusty shook his head and pouted. “Left out in the cold each time, Just.”
“My poor Dusty.” Justin soothed him and cuddled him so the man remembered how much Justin loved him.
“Truth or dare, Justin?” Dare asked.
“Um, it isn’t my turn, is it?” Did they play by different rules? Of course they did.
“Truth, then.” Dare continued to stare at him. “You ever think about being with us for a sixsome?” He turned toward Angel. “Is that even a ‘some’ to be?”
Angel gave Justin his best rock star smile. “For him we’d make an exception, wouldn’t we, baby?”
“Yes, please.” Dare wiggled against Angel.
Huh? Well, that was flattering, but they were just teasing, right? Justin glanced at Dusty, who didn’t comment, but took another slice of pizza.
“Your turn, Justin,” Darius chirped.
Still in Dusty’s arms, Justin tilted his head back to smile at his drummer. “Truth or dare?”
Josh chortled. “He’s got to take dare, because only a pussy would pick truth, right, Dust?”
Sending Josh daggers with his eyes, Dusty softened his glare when he stared at Justin. “Do your worst. Dare. Real men chose dare.”
Angel laughed and proclaimed, “Well, I certainly did.” This made everyone laugh.
Dusty needed a chance to even the score. Though the dare might have a little to do with the fact his man kissing his band members was smoking hot. But mostly, Justin wanted to somehow even things out. “I dare you to kiss every member of The Dark Angels.”
“What? Really?” Dusty asked, as he glanced at his bandmates. He tilted his head from side to side as if contemplating how he might best accomplish the dare. “You sure about this, Justin?”
“Absolutely.” Glancing around at the guys, he said, “Besides, they’re all really good kissers.”
“Okay?” His drummer hesitated, but knee walked over to Josh and Robin. He stared at Josh. “This is odd.”
Josh made a bit of a face and shrugged. “Yeah, it is.”
Dusty didn’t seem to make a move until he and Josh both turned their heads at the same angle, then tried to readjust to the other side again at the same time.
Robin giggled and peered over at Justin and back at the spectacle Dusty was making out of giving Josh one kiss.
“God, did you have to put so much garlic on your pizza? Just do it already.” Josh sighed.

Angel chortled. “You got the kid begging for it, Dust!”
Justin’s heart raced as Dusty reached his big hands out to hold Josh steady.
“Just remember, you started this,” Dusty said with a grimace. He gave Josh a big smack on the lips.
When he pulled back Josh wrinkled his nose. “That’s it? Geez, Justin, I’m so sorry.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Fuck you.” Dusty growled and shifted his knee in front of Robin, and he appeared ready to redeem his reputation.
Robin winked at Justin. Dusty glanced over his shoulder to Justin. He gestured with his head to indicate Dusty should go for it.
This whole situation took on a surreal quality. They were all great friends, but Justin couldn’t deny they were all sexy as hell in very different ways. Instead of it making things weird, the physical contact made him feel closer to them.
He wasn’t threatened he’d lose Dusty to any of them. If anything, the odd dynamic reinforced to both him and the group that Dusty was his. As if there were any question! He stopped his musings and took a bite of pizza while watching his boyfriend gear up to piss off one of his friends.
Dusty leaned in to Robin. “You sure you’re good with this, Robby?” Like everyone else, Dusty treated Robin with care.
Robin reached out to comb down through Dusty’s hair. “Very, Dust. You’ve been using that conditioner I got for you.”
“Of course.” Justin had applied expensive treatment to Dusty’s hair that very morning. They used it religiously.
Robin picked up the blond strands to sniff. “Smells yummy. I’m ordering more. Should I order you some too?” he asked, sliding his gaze over to Josh.
“Uh huh.” Dusty bent down, grazed his lips over Robin’s, and was rewarded with a soft moan. He could see Robin open his mouth and Dusty deepen the kiss just a bit. When Dusty pulled back, Robin moved with him slightly as if he wanted to keep his mouth just a little longer.
The kiss was sexy, but what was even hotter was Robin’s gaze never leaving Josh’s. Robin tore his stare away from his lover to smile at Dusty. He bounced into Josh’s lap where he was lavished with worshipping kisses. Several whimpers floated over to Justin’s side of the table.
Dusty chuckled as the two youngest members of the band made out like they were in the back of a car and it was nearing curfew. He shrugged at Justin. “See?  I’m the spice Josh needed.”
Josh tried to half-heartedly whack him but he missed. Robin’s lips must have held more appeal than retaliation.
Justin gave Dusty the thumbs up and gestured for him to proceed. Dusty knee walked around the table to Darius and Angel. He frowned at them both.
“When you met me, ever think we’d be swapping spit?” Dare grinned at him.
“Actually, yes. All the time I imagined your lips, Dare. I used to jerk off to your picture.” Dusty’s laughter barked out at the horrified face Darius gave him. “No, you freak. Never crossed my mind.”
Dare glanced over at Justin. Was he seeking a reason not to kiss Dusty. Justin simply waved his hand. “Have at it.”
Angel choked back a chuckle as he watched his lover grimace. Dusty pouted. “What did you tell him, Ang?”
“Nothing, Dust. I guess your reputation precedes you.”
Dusty begged, “Hey, easy on my ego, Dare.”
“Yeah, yours is as fragile as Angel’s.” Dare snorted. “Kiss me, Blondie.”
“Another guy begging for your lips. Should I be jealous?” Justin asked to amuse everyone watching the interaction.
Dusty reached under Dare’s flop of hair exactly the way everyone had seen Angel do, and pulled him close. His mouth dropped open and Dusty covered his lips to claim what appeared to be a deep kiss.
The argument the two had been having ended. Dare went limp and let Dusty have his way. Wow, wasn’t that just sexy as hell?
When Dusty pulled back he needed to steady Dare, who seemed a bit unsteady. Yup, his man kissed Darius into place.
Dusty glanced over at Justin with triumph written all over his face.
His man shrugged and approached Angel, whose expression seemed to echo the goofiness of the situation. They stared at each other a long time before they chuckled. Dusty laughed so hard he had to wipe tears from his eyes.
“You okay, dude?” Angel asked.
“Sure. Sure. Let’s do this,” Dusty said in a business-like manner. It was almost like watching two adolescents.
Dusty caught Angel’s eye and they froze. He could see them both swallow as the tension in the room jumped a notch.

Josh and Robin finally stopped necking to watch the drama of Dusty kissing Angel.

Damn, they were stunning together. Dusty’s hair made an appealing contrast against Angel’s darker locks. Justin’s pulse sped up again. He drank his beer in hopes of cooling down a little.

“Kiss him. It’s not like you haven’t before.” The words were out of Justin’s mouth before he could call the information back.
“Wait. What?” Dare sounded a bit put out.
Angel put a finger to Dusty’s lips when it appeared like he would speak. Instead a small smile curled his mouth. Dusty kissed the singer’s elegant finger.
Oh, fuck! It wasn’t hard to imagine Dusty giving Angel a blowjob, especially since he’d bestowed his oral loving on Justin when they woke up. His drummer’s lips, mouth, and tongue were made to provide pleasure.
Arching an eyebrow at his friend, Angel quirked his lips before turning his head to speak to Dare. “Just a few first kisses.”
“You made out with Dusty?” Darius shouted. Shock and pissed seemed to war for supremacy.
“No, we just practiced kissing when pillows didn’t kiss back.” Angel’s tone screamed it didn’t matter.
Dare sat back silently for a minute. “Well, that explains a lot.”
Justin wasn’t sure what Dare meant, but he didn’t add anything to the conversation that his big mouth had started.
Dusty pulled away from Angel and went back in front of Dare, who was frowning as he grabbed his beer and polished off the bottle. “Hey. I can take a truth, Dare.”
Almost snorting the beer out of his nose, Dare asked, “Wouldn’t want to hurt your rep?”
“With this group? Ha!” Dusty glanced over at Josh. “Truth.”
Josh folded his arms, leaned forward, and pressed his lips together. He was barely holding it together as he asked, “Is it true that you haven’t told us about your first kisses were with Angel because you’ve been in love with him for years?”
Robin’s inhale was audible as he glanced over at Justin with big eyes. What in God’s name processed Josh?
Dusty turned his head with a look of utter puzzlement. “Whatever you’ve been taking, I want some.”
Josh snorted and started laughing.
A weird noise came from Darius. The guy’s face crumbled. Was he taking Josh seriously?
“Dude? Are you serious?” Dusty asked, and when met with Dare’s stone cold stare, he inhaled. “Of course I love Ang.” That statement received only  more silence, Dusty must have realized how it sounded, so he quickly added, “But not like that. Never like that.”
“Then why didn’t either of you fuckheads tell me?” Dare’s hurt came out in his tone.
Fuck, Justin hadn’t meant for this to start something out of nothing. He didn’t think it was any big deal. Watching Dare, maybe it was. Was Dare so uncertain of his relationship with Angel? What exactly did he mean by "that explains a lot?"
Angel tried to wrap an arm around him, but Dare pushed him away. “Baby,” Angel’s plea received nothing as Darius stomped off into one of the bedrooms.
The singer jumped up, but Dusty stopped him. “Let me get this, Ang.”
Once Dusty left the room, Justin said, “Angel, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset him. I wasn't aware that he didn’t know. I’m really sorry.”
Angel put up a hand to stop him and sat back down. “It’s okay. Really. I should have said something, but it was a lifetime ago. I love your man, but never like that.” He turned towards where his partner and best friend were. “We were thirteen.”
Robin made "apologize now" eyes at Josh. “I’m sorry too. I was just trying to be funny with the truth question to annoy Dusty. I thought if anyone understood how loved he was it would be Dare. I didn’t mean to upset him.”
Angel slapped his thigh. “Right? I mean, I’m completely head over heels for him. Anyone can see that!” His eyes lit up. “Maybe I don’t give him enough sex.”
The group choked, then broke into laughter as Darius and Dusty walked back in. “What?” they both asked, and only increased the laughter.
“I figured out what was wrong, and why you feel upset about kisses that took place years ago.” Angel played it very seriously. “I don’t put out enough for you. From now on, I promise you more sex.”

Darius’s eyes got big and Dusty slapped him on the back. “Yeah, that’s the problem, Ang. More sex will solve Dare’s issues.” He leaned down to Dare and stage whispered, “Lube. Lots of lube.”
Dare didn’t respond, but at least he didn’t seem mad.
“I’m really sorry, baby. I just didn’t think to tell you.” Angel nuzzled Dare’s neck. “Are you still mad at me? Because I'm more than ready to put out. Right here. Right now.”
“No. Stop. I’m sorry for flipping out. It’s just… hard.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Angel... stop that.” Dare shook his head and tried to push Angel away, but stopped halfway.
Angel took full advantage of his man’s indecision, hauling Dare up into his lap. He claimed his lover’s mouth in a heated kiss and unbuttoned Dare’s shirt. He danced his fingers up and down the denim over Darius’s zipper. Damn.
“Okay. Okay.” Dare attempted to pull himself out of the lust haze Angel wrapped him in. “Let’s play the game some more.”
“Hey, Dare. I’m sorry. It really was just a dumb joke,” Josh reassured him.
Dare gave Angel a blistering kiss. “I know. I overreacted.”
“Whose turn?” Justin asked. They were something on stage, but within grabby range might melt Justin.
“I want a turn,” Dare said. When no one objected, he told Dusty, “I dare you to kiss Angel.”
“What?” Dusty asked, having settled back down next to Justin. “No.”
Angel complained, “Sure. I haven’t had enough abuse. Now I have to suffer Dusty’s rejection.”
Dusty pointed out, “I just had a turn.”
“Dusty.” Dare used a voice that brooked no option for refusal, as if he were blackmailing him with something heinous.
Dusty grumbled, “Fine,” and knee walked back in front of Angel, who was still on the couch with Dare in his lap. Dare had his arms wrapped around his lover to stop him from implementing an escape plan.
“Here we are again.” Dusty scowled at Angel.
“Dare, you sure?” Dusty asked darting his gaze between Dare, Angel and Justin.
“Yeah, kiss him. I shouldn’t have been a jealous dick before. I hate finding out things I don’t know about him.” Dare ran his fingers through Angel’s hair and got a grip on Dusty’s. Dare smiled over at Justin, and then Robin. “He does have nice hair. Can you order me some of the stuff too, Robin?”
Robin squeaked out a “Sure”.
Dusty glanced back over at Justin. Justin nodded. A breathless Dare grabbed his head and Angel’s and forced them together.
Dusty tilted his head to the side, found Angel’s mouth, and they both sighed into the kiss. The angle didn’t allow Justin to see much.
Robin squirmed closer to Josh. "That's so pretty, don’t you think, Justin?”
Justin moved so he could actually appreciate the vision. After all, he was asked his opinion on the matter.
Oh fuck! Robin was right. But that was more than pretty; it decidedly fell into the category of smoking hot! His cock hardened to the point of pain and he throbbed against his zipper.
Dare exhaled, and Justin would have to call the noise he made a whimper. He was holding Angel and Dusty together, controlling the kiss. Watching his lover suck face with Dusty must have been arousing, because the heat reached Justin even from a coffee table away.
Finally, Dare released the hold he had on their hair. Dusty sagged back on his heels and smiled at Dare and Angel. Dare looked like he was going to unzip Angel’s pants and have at him right then and there. Instead he said a prim, “Thank you.”
Dusty smirked, came back to Justin, and kissed him soundly on the mouth. Justin couldn’t stop himself from rutting his hardened cock against Dusty’s thigh.

His lover quietly moaned.

“Okay, before we lose Darius completely. Here.” Robin handed out a rainbow-colored foil gift bag to each couple. “Since I never give dares, I thought I would this time. I dare everyone to use this, either on their lover, or have their lover use it on them.”
Justin reached in the bag and pulled out a see-through mesh bag with a strangely shaped green dildo and a bottle of lube. The device was shaped like a widened letter ‘U’ with an elongated bulb on one end and a button on the opposite end. Angel pulled out the same thing, only in blue. A grinning Josh pulled out a greenish-blue unit.
“A Rude Boy! What a great toy! Thanks, Robin,” Angel exclaimed.
“Welcome.” Robin giggled. “I put in batteries and disinfected them.”
“Batteries?” Dusty asked warily as he looked at the device with confusion.
Josh clicked the button to demonstrate the vibe mode.
Dare took theirs from Angel. He twisted it around and turned it until the light on the device went off. “Ohhhhhh! I see!”
Angel smirked at his lover.
“I want to try this. Off with your pants, now,” Dare demanded as he stood up.
“Justin, it also gives a nice massage anywhere,” Robin added.
Hot and cold slashed him when Angel and Robin both started undressing from the waist down right there in the open space. He glanced at Dusty, who tilted his head and watched the other couples. Josh and Dare poured the lubrication from the gift bag over the device.
Dusty snaked an arm around him. Justin ground his ass right back into his lover’s fabric-covered dick. God, Justin wanted Dusty inside of him. It wouldn’t be his first time but it was still a novel experience for the both of them.
Justin’s hair was swept aside and Dusty nibbled the side of his neck. Heat washed over him and he watched Josh slowly insert the ‘Rude Boy’ into Robin.
Robin let out a slow breath. “Josh. More.”
Justin was surprised to see Angel on his back, happily rocking his hips and humping the device Darius thrust into him. “You want me to turn it on?” Dare’s voice dripped with sex.
Angel gasped. Darius didn’t wait for an answer. He could see Angel’s shaft go a bit soft, but if the noises he made were any indication, he loved the sensation all the same.
Robin rolled over onto his knees and arched his back, presenting his ass. Josh crawled behind him and moved the device in and out of him. Justin’s eyes caught Robin’s and Justin asked, “Does it feel good?”
Robin held his lower lip between his teeth, but failed to hold back a groan. Josh wrapped a wet hand around his cock; he must have loved it because he didn’t stay quiet. He answered Justin, “So good.” His eyes rolled up in his head as he pushed back.
“He’s hot enough to make even the sluttiest bottom want to have his ass,” Josh said. He tucked the toy under Robin’s balls. Josh took full advantage of having his hands free and he slapped Robin’s ass.
Robin moaned and arched his back again. When Josh’s palm didn’t come right away, he demanded, “Josh, spank me!”
Josh’s eyes flashed with something Justin would have to characterize as dominance. He gave in to his lover’s throaty request and smacked his ass several more times.
The slaps on his ass made Robin whine. “More, Josh. Come on.”
Justin couldn’t tell which pleased Robin more, Josh’s hand wrapped around his dick or his butt getting smacked.
Justin’s mind drifted back to a conversation he’d had with Robin a couple months ago. He didn’t go into detail, but Robin understood Justin was still adjusting to penetration. Justin had wished out loud for something that would push beyond his negative past and give him something positive to focus on. Well, this situation definitely did that!
“That’s so hot. You want to fuck me with the toy, Justin?” Dusty whispered in his ear.
Angel moaned loudly as Dare had started stroking his long cock.
“Please turn it on, Josh,” Robin begged. “Please.”
Sex was everywhere around them. Each couple was in their own world, but Justin was connected to the whole. He had to have it. He needed Dusty. “No, me. Please.”
It was all he could say. He ripped down his jeans and his ruffled yellow panties. He kicked them off so his cock was free and his ass available.
Dusty didn’t say anything, but his eyes asked a thousand questions. Another cry of pleasure tore out of the other couple.
Justin wasn’t thinking. There was no fear or anxiety; he just wanted the dirty little toy inside of him. Immediately. Nothing else existed but Dusty using the device on him. He wouldn’t have cared if they were in Times Square. Freedom bust through Justin as his body’s demands overrode the drama in his head that usually imprisoned him.
He got up on all fours like Robin and spread his knees wide so Dusty could have all the access he needed. He wasn’t nervous as he stared at the other couples. So fucking hot.
Robin seemed to slip into his own world of lust, but the keyboard player acknowledged him by blowing him a kiss. Dusty nosed the tip of the slick toy between Justin’s cheeks.
The hesitation and fear he usually experienced was absent. Justin arched his back and pushed onto the wet toy. “Uh huh.”
Dare glanced over and groaned. Angel stroked Dare’s cock, which was out of his jeans. Justin brain fry as his body burnt up.
A glance over his shoulder told him Dusty was completely focused on him. His eyes burned with the intensity of watching the toy move in and out of Justin.
Dusty gave him a questioning smile as asked, “Is it good?”
“Fuck yeah!” Justin acknowledged the pleasure as the toy brushed past his prostate.
“Should I turn it on?” Dusty’s question was punctuated with Josh spanking Robin’s ass.
Justin couldn’t imagine the pleasure those vibrations would send through him. He realized he no longer had to just imagine. He wanted to experience. “Yes.”
Dusty pushed the button, making the little piece of plastic come to life.
“Oh, fuck!” That was better than good. His ass wiggled of its own accord.
Dusty caressed his hand over Justin’s erection. Licking his ear, Dusty whispered, “I’m going to milk you off.”
Justin’s eyes must have drifted closed. Again he forced them open. The scene was too good to miss. “Oh, yeah.”
Angel shouted out his lover’s name. He came in Dare’s fist while stroking Dare’s hard cock to a release.
Robin’s begging turned to pleas of mercy. Josh was liquid sex as he handled Robin completely, as evidenced by a low deep one-word command, “Come.”
The pretty man did. Robin painted the floor beneath him with his creamy spend as Josh slapped his ass firmly.
It was more visual stimulation than Justin could take. He turned to stare at the man he loved and adored. His drummer’s green-eyed gaze locked with his. Dusty stroked his fist at just the right speed.
Justin orgasm was prolonger by the toy’s buzz prolonged his orgasm.
Finally, when he was done, Dusty pulled the toy out of him and gathered him into his arms. Justin could barely move.
Had he fallen asleep? Justin couldn’t be sure, but the other two couples were active. Robin and Angel had their pants back on.
Justin blushed. He was only halfway covered. He lay tucked into Dusty’s arms with his butt out.
“Hey, you up?”
“Not yet, but give me a couple of minutes.” Justin tried to laugh but didn’t have the energy. Josh must have heard the quip because he chuckled. “Thank you…”
Dusty didn’t get a chance to say anything because Josh took that moment to toss the handy wipes that came with the pizza at each couple. One hit Dusty in the forehead. His man growled but used one and gave an open one to Justin.
Angel and Darius reached for some more pizza, which was probably cold by now. Justin struggled into his pants and grabbed a piece before sitting down. Wow, muscles he’d hadn’t used much had been exercised.
Dusty pulled him up onto the sofa and into his lap. “I guess it would appear ice cream isn’t necessary.” It was a statement, but it held a question. His lover still used ice cream and French toast to counteract the misery of Justin’s flashbacks when they threatened to steal his happiness and pleasure.
Justin squeezed Dusty’s hand and dropped his head back onto Dusty’s shoulder. He took a lazy bite of pizza before holding the cheesy saucy slice out for his lover to take a bite. “Nope.”
Robin bit his lip as he looked over at Justin rather sheepishly. “Did it give you what you wanted?”
Justin nodded and held out a hand, which Robin moved to take.
“I just thought if you were with all of us... it might help give you an interesting experience.” Robin spoke softly.
“Thanks.” Squeezing the keyboard player’s hand, he thought about how the guy had shared how he was able to explore his submissive side more easily with Dare at his side. Robin must have decided if it worked for him that it might help Justin.
He was proud of himself. No flashbacks. No anxiety. No fear. Just outright need, lust, and want.
Justin glanced around at all of the members of the band. When he was just writing fanfiction about them he never hoped they could be this great. “You guys totally rock.”
“Of course we do.” Angel rolled his eyes. He scooped up Dare and headed towards the bedrooms. “I’ll be back. My baby needs me to use the toy on him.”
“What? Um, okay…” Dare waved as he was swept down the hallway.
Robin released Justin’s hand. “Well, my baby needs me to fuck him. We’ll catch you guys later.”
“What do you wanna do, Justin?” Dusty took a giant bite of pizza.
“Well Dust, maybe we do need the ice cream.”
Worry clouded Dusty’s face. “I thought you were good.”
“Oh, I am. But if you go get me some ice cream I’ll lick it off your dick before I suck you off…”
Dusty coughed around his bite of pizza but jumped up to trip over to the freezer.