Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays


I hope you are having a wonderful December and are looking forward to 2015!!!!

I appreciate all of your love and support for the last year as I re-wrote The Dark Angels. Much love to Rocky Ridge Books for their guidance, assistance and editing!!!!!

The Dark Angels is not over. As many of you know I don't END series so this is not the last of The Dark Angels. And I've been threatened by a number of you to hurry up and get Angel Luv and Darius Stone past their happy for now ending. I can say I was recently shown how that evolves. I have the notes.

There will be 3 more free reads to insert between each of books to flesh them out.

2015 Plans

Good intentions pave the way to Hell.

It is my hope to get Entwined: Lock & Key (Zack's story) which is the first book in my new BDSM series back into the world. The book will begin its' wind through my critique partners and I hope to submit it by March.

Viking Haven: The Craving is in process and I hope to launch it into my critique partners by March.

March will be a decision point for me. I will either begin work on Smoke & Mirrors the second book of The Ladyboy Chronicles or Club Zombie 3: Zombies Suck. I have notes on both books and I'll see which one is ready for the next step first. (I hope to have both of them written in 2015.)

I will have notes and direction for the next Made in China: The Temple of Heaven by the end of the year.

I'm excited. I know this is a slow writing schedule to some but I live with the characters. I want to give you everything I can. I will be beta/critiquing for my partners as well as being the attentive love slave.

Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

Big hugs,
Z. Allora


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