Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Greetings my Pretty ones!!!!!

All The Dark Angels are back into the world except Happy Holidays which re-releases on Dec 23, 2014. Each book had about 5 sets of eyes on it assisting me in getting what was in my head onto the page so if you read it the first time around you might enjoy the changes. About 25-30,000 words were added to each story: Angel's POV and a number of scenes were added.

If you purchased e-books from Amazon you can receive the updated edition for free. There is no way to officially do that with the other book sellers. However, my goal is not to make money off of a re-release that you've already paid so please contact me so we can figure out what to do. (Yes, of course I trust you.)

I have a small present for you. Look (glance, peer, dart your gaze) up to the left hand corner of my blog. Well done! Do you see: FREE READ. That's where you will find: Angel & Dare's Yaoi-lick-ous Adventure. It's a short and fits in between With Wings & Tied Together.  It was based on some of my own experiences at a Yaoi Con I went to in 2010.

Keep in mind  The Dark Angels are written in the yaoi-style. This means a tad over-the-top (but then again hot rockers usually are larger than life.). I find their world delightful and fun so join me if you'd like to play with them.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.

Hugs, Z.

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