Dear Future Love

Dear Future Love,

I know we haven't met yet because well I just finished up my sophomore year of high school and let's just say I've never won any popularity contests with the jackasses I went to school with... though it's really odd because I'm a great guy. Well if you're reading this you already believe that.

So I just turned sixteen and I've never been kissed. I had been sextexting some guys (don't get jealous I was hoping one of them was you)... well things got out of hand quick. It was screwed up but Zack was there to save my ass... literally. Dusty's boyfriend was the one who finally got me to speak to the police (apparently he'd not been as lucky as me). I don't think I'll attempt meeting anyone else soooooo hurry the hell up and sweep me off my feet. I'm READY for LOVE!!!

My mother tried to stop Zack and me from seeing our older brother but I couldn't handle that. We snuck around to see him but then I decided to come out. Maybe it wasn't the best time to blurt out my attraction to the boys since my mother was having a church meeting at our house but I figured I'd test her unconditional love.

She failed. Her love had conditions. Within hours I was packed me up and she let my older brother have full custody of me. It's better this way but I don't know how you kick out your own child. Zack was booted later that same night so know we are all going on tour with Dusty, his boyfriend and The Dark Angels.

Oh yeah my oldest brother Dusty's a drummer and co-founder of The Dark Angels.  Zack says he wanted to be a roadie for the band. So I'm going to do the rest of high school online, work on my art and see the world with my brothers (and search for you!).

I'm an artist. But you know that or you will because I'm going to include a drawing, painting or something with most of the letters. I love creating something exactly as it should be. You know when you like take a picture of a landmark and angle the camera so you cut out the people... that's what I do with anything I make. I don't believe I need to replicate reality but I alter it to make it pleasing. It take out the bad stuff so only the good interesting stuff is left.

I wish I could find out about you.  I wonder who you are and what you look like? But that doesn't matter only that we love each other.

Love and long lingering kisses,

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