Thursday, September 22, 2016

YaoiCon 2016: A Full Circle Moment

YaoiCon 2010 I flew from China because my favorite Yaoi artist was attending: Yamane Ayano. Since I lived in China & Internet being sketchy I didn't know some of my favorite m/m romance authors would be there. I spent the entire plane ride reading Locker Room by Amy Lane. When I got to the dealer's room my jetlagged brain melted.

AMY FUCKING LANE!!! She was standing right there at the Dreamspinner table (no clue who Dreamspinner was at the time).

I was so flustered I'd forgotten the name of the Amy Lane book I'd spent hours reading instead of sleeping... FAN FAIL! She was lovely and kind and chatted with me until I crept away.

Later that day my twin (my Smexy Yaoi-lick-ous friend) Felicia introduced me to author named Derekica Snake and the first in the Blood Nation series: Cake. 

 Cut to YaoiCon 2016
Amy Lane & Z. 

Snakie & Z.

Playing ring toss

The fact both of them stopped by to give me hugs, to chat & both held my books in their hands... was nothing short of incredible!

2010 I couldn't have imagined having my own booth or talking to either of these amazing authors even somewhat coherently... But um... here I was hugging and rambling at two of my favorite authors... beyond mind blowing.

My OWN booth at YaoiCon 2016 with 8 books I'd WRITTEN

And if that wasn't enough a final incredible event happened that closed the circle: I held a sobbing fan in my arms. She was exhausted and a tad YaoiCon disoriented >>> when she put together I'd written Lock and Key she broke. She'd been touched by my work... It was... there are no words.

I'm grateful for all the love and encouragement I've received and continued to get! Thank you Pretties of YaoiCon for validating me! Much gratitude, love and many hugs to Amy Lane, Derekica Snakie & Felicia you've changed my world for the better!!!

Hugs, Z.

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