Thursday, August 25, 2016

What do you have to lose? Authors & Politics

Depends on your priorites...

How many times have we heard you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation? And in this election cycle it's been a tall order because >>>>> well you know!!!

I write rainbow romance (LGBTQIA LOVE STORIES). My blog is LOVE IS LOVE. My group is called Yaoified Love. It's pretty clear with my Pride Marches, PFLAG Meetings and Transgender Rallies where I stand on the issues. It wouldn't surprise my readers, my Pretties or my friends to find I who I'd will be voting for...

Z. Allora (& my truest self) is first and foremost an advocate of the rainbow. That is my priority and that's why I write happily ever afters for people on the rainbow.

That being said I don't attack or trash folks with a different political views. Though I will send hearts & like/love posts I agree with on Facebook. I have PMed folks or chatted offline to understand why or how they can support something or someone I can't to help my understanding of their world view.

I've seen folks upset that publishers have recommended authors not discuss their political viewpoint (or attack) because it harms sales...

Psst, it can and if you're writing to make money pay attention to publishers & what could negatively impact your bottomline.

Authors bleed onto the page... sometimes some of what we seep is our personal beliefs (religious, political, ideas on love, marriage, sex, our worldview, etc). We can only write through our filters. We can be aware of them so they affect our stories less but they are there. So even if we try to hide or de-emphasize our politic views they may find their way onto our pages in our characters values & views.

It is my hope that we are kind to each other. When we speak I hope it's to educate and not devalue. I think by increasing our understanding we build a more accepting world.

Big hugs, Z.

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