Thursday, August 4, 2016


How to lower the suckage and bounce the dumb shit that happens on your time off.

1) What do you want from your vacation?
Sounds easy… but really think about it. Do you want to recharge by seeing a new place, relaxing on the beach, getting a home project accomplished, etc? Once you figure out that tailor make your trip to get what you want.
>>> I find a combination of animals or art, interesting shopping and downtime is a nice combination.

2) Arguments with co-vacationers 
This is vacation there should be no stress! Time off should = easy, breezy so when it doesn’t go that way it feels devastating. The anger we feel for having our vacation violated with stress cuts deeper and is more intense.

>>>> Acknowledge tiredness, frustration and work as a team. 

When you can’t bounce the someone else’s angry frustration go to radio silence = just SHUT THE HELL UP. Seriously SHHHHHHH. Now I’m not suggesting you stew until you go home… I’m simply saying spewing YOUR bile isn’t going to get your trip back on track.

>>>> Find sympathy and give the benefit of the doubt.

3) Shitty things happen
Lost suitcases, the destination being less than expected, problems with the hotel/plane/car… It’s going to happen.

>>>>Try to stay calm and figure out what is going to get your trip back on track the quickest.

Remember terrible time = good stories (embellish! How will your describe the EVIL waiter? The dirty room? & let it motivate you to share your emotion in reviews>>> sometimes you can get apologies that make the bad more tolerable.
>>>>Don’t focus on the shittiness

4) The Learning curve
You can research and study and even if you’re familiar with the area but there are different ways of doing things and possibly different rhythms than you are used to which could be terribly frustrating. (This increases if you leave your state or country)

>>>>Research can help but still sometimes nothing can prepare you. ROLL WITH IT. It’s new it’s different you’re not home… things will take more time. Methods may not make sense to you… GO WITH IT.

5) Don't expect PERFECTION.

It doesn't exist at home or on vacation. All we can do is shoot for moments of happiness.
A little vacation mood music for you!

Be safe in all your travels and remember EVERYTHING can be an ADVENTURE it's all in how you look at it!!!

Hugs, Z.

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