Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pokémon WHAT?

Pokémon GO!!!! 

Maybe you haven't noticed hordes of people with their heads down staring at their phones occasionally saying GOTCHA!

If you have noticed you may have rolled your eyes and thought IDIOTS!

You might be right but I have to say it gets me out of the house. I've been to Heidelberg Germany no less than 20 times in the past year & a half... but last week I took Pokémon Go with me and I saw things I never noticed. PokéStops (are where you go to get ball in which to capture the adorable creatures to store them) are based on area points of interest. 
Heidelberg Demon

Without Pokémon Go I missed these gorgeous pieces of history and art.

So laugh if you will... Pokémon Go ROCKS.
I adore going on hunting dates with my love searching for Pokémon.

So you might look into it!!!

It also made me think about which of my characters would be into Pokémon Go. Randy Camster & Boon-nam (Illusions & Dreams) (Their love's Jake & Lalana would be indulgent but definitely find common ground over totally not getting the craziness!)

Jordon Davis (Lock & Key) would be all about the hunt... though would get lost painting a Pokéstop for his future husband >>> whom he doesn't know yet.

The Dark Angels: Angel, Dare, Robin & Josh are definitely into the hunt... they've turned it into part of their band bonding rituals (which their manager is happy because it's drier than water blaster fights). Dusty would be begrudging get into it for the guys but secretly loves hunting with his Justin.

Lafayette, Storm, Alex, Kai and Corey from Club Zombie would be Pokémon masters of the group. Ulrich, Cutter and Jasper wouldn't quite get it but would applaud for each capture.
Hugs, Z.

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