Thursday, August 13, 2015

Educated In Sex?

Most of us in the USA are not.

Did you know:

*There’s no required standard for sex education in the USA.

*Only 22 states mandate kids receive it… and only 13 states require the instruction to be medically accurate!!!  (Are you saying WTF yet?)

*8 states are considering regulations about what teachers can say about homosexuality… I’d hazard to guess based on the state this might not be a good thing.

*In the USA the average man 6.6 partners & women 4.3 partners (Think this stat might be low) But regardless we’re knocking boots (before marriage) pretending we don't is dangerous and scary.

Why did Congress increase abstinence only education from 50 to 75 million dollars?

The average age of losing one's virginity in the USA is 17  

                                                        DON’T DO IT… isn’t practical

(SIDE NOTE: Bristol Palin was paid $200,000 to be a spokesperson of abstinence… and she’s pregnant again out of wedlock. Abstinence only education de-funds comprehensive programs that would prevent unwanted pregnancies) 

 Yes I let John Oliver do much of the work for me! And keeping with that here's the video his team made for sex education:

Clearly it's up to us to educate ourselves and pass on the information in a responsible manner. If you have kids you might want to see what they are learning and what they are not...

Education & Information is the best defense against ignorance.

                                   Check your sex knowledge: Sex-Fu Challenge 

                                         (Thank you to Lauren Marks for sharing this link with me)

Hugs, Z.

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