Thursday, October 27, 2016

Permission to Orgasm

Now you can take that literally or figuratively or both... as you know I'd applaud whatever your decision but on the day before my birthday I wanted to give you (my Pretty ones or a stranger who has no idea who the fuck I am) permission to be happy.

You are responsible for your own HAPPINESS.  Take this seriously no one else can do this for you... we can present opportunities for you to reach out and get to the happy but you've got to do the reaching.

Don't put off pleasure. (Of course I'm not suggesting you do nothing but live a hedonistic life style because there are always consequences....)  I'm merely suggesting you do things and make decisions that bring you both long and short term happiness.  Too many times in life we wait, hesitation and let the world get in the way of doing even the simplest things that can bring joy.

Make a list of things (free) that make you happy. Here's some of mine:
1) Appreciating vivid colors not just in art work but in everything.
2) Making someone smile.
3) Reaching out and letting someone know you care.
4) Writing
5) Eating with chopsticks.
6) Organizing things
7) Getting together with a friend (even if only for a quick Facebook chat)
8) Planning a trip (I may never take >>> learning about the culture, food, people)
9) Researching a topic I don't know about.

When we are happy we spread the feeling to others there by making the world a better place.

Sooooo for my birthday I'm going to be asking everyone I know for 1 gift:

Do something that makes you happy.

Many hugs,
Z. Allora

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