Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Happily Ever After

My happily ever after started Oct 20, 1987 at 5:08pm at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York. I took out a personal ad in the RPI newspaper (It was the stone agent: pre-Internet)

Yes my initial of choice back then was L not Z.

22 men responded to my plea... I met 4 of them. My love being the 4th. He said "I took the liberty of making reservations at Casey's East (cute restaurant about a mile from campus) and arranged transportation (his apartment mate dressed up in a tuxedo with his Honda). I refused to get into a car with two guys I didn't know so we walked in the rain sharing an umbrella to the restaurant. Within 25 minutes of meeting I knew he was THE ONE. (Of course I ran away for the next 6 months but...)

It's not always been a happiness and romance (family issues, long distance, deaths, illness, anxiety)  but we're on the same team and we are focused on making the other person happy. We try to make the best of what ever life gives us. He's my best friend and the best person I know. As co-dependent as it sounds: He's my everything.
Our 1st formal Alpha Phi Omega (service fraternity)

From the morning we got "officially" engaged  

Our wedding
So the reason why I'm able to write happily ever afters is because I'm living my own. Thank you my love for the last 29 year... you are my world.

Hugs, Z.

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