Thursday, April 14, 2016

Transgender Rights & the bathroom laws

Yesterday, Leslie (co-founder of PFLAG's Greenville South Carolina Chapter 23 years ago), Jenifer and I headed off to Columbia for the hearings on 1203 bathroom law (which would force people into bathrooms based on their assigned sex at birth and not their gender identity) and transgender rally.

Due to the number of people who were supporting the transgender community and the decision to have the hearing in a room that wouldn't hold 30 people we hung out downstairs. We did meet and shake hands with Columbia's mayor who thanked us for showing our support. He believed this bill will die (but we need to make sure we crush it).

The main argument I've heard for this bill is it makes people unsafe (especially cis-gender women and children).

This position is based on a lot of fear, and a forgetfulness that there current laws in place to deal with people who are inappropriate in a bathroom.  Please take the time to follow this video link:

                                                    Incredible Video by Tucker FitzGerald

Hugs, Z. 

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