Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Importance of Visibility

The Importance of Visibility

(if you don't you should).

There are lots of ways and many seem overwhelming.

Here's two simple ways you can be supportive:

1) When you HEAR SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING... When something is said about the LGBTQIA community whether it's marriage equality, bathroom issues transpeople are facing, bullying, slurs or any of the hundreds of issues kicked around make your positive feelings known.

This allows others who feel this way (on the rainbow or not) to feel supported and not alone in their viewpoints and it may encourage people with negative viewpoints understand the other side of the argument.

Your positive opinion makes people on the rainbow feel safer and happier knowing that someone is standing up for the right things.

2) WEAR SOMETHING...  You don't have to get fancy (unless you want to)... just wearing a rainbow bracelet can catch someone's eye and make them feel less alone. I've had waiters sit down with me and have huge conversations that started after they acknowledged my bracelet.

Most recently I've been wearing a T-shirt with the cutest little bunnies on the planet on my T-shirt  (Catherine Dair doesn't even know I'm waxing poetic about her bunnies but they are a WONDERFUL & POWERFUL thing)

People respond to them.

I had one kid almost climb out of his mom's SUV to wave at me as he mouthed, "I love the bunnies."

I get horn honks, thumbs up and waves when I'm wearing Pip & Skip.

I get many smiles from people of all ages along with "great shirt" comments.

It's not all smiles I've gotten some frowns and glares. That's okay. I'm in the South I turned on the big smile (Bless their hearts silently) and say HELLO Beautiful day today, huh? Manners force them to respond and some even smile back.

We've all heard of person having issues with people who are transgender using the bathroom they feel comfortable with... I just ordered these buttons. ((A lovely mommy from my PFLAG group passed me the information this morning))

I'll Go With You Buttons

You don't have to do a lot to show support and make a difference. People need to HEAR & SEE positive voices. It's up to you.

Hugs, Z.

Here's a link Catherine Dair's Bunny products :   Skip & Pip


  1. I could care less who is in the bathroom if I got to pee I got to And at my work we have our gay patients did I say our LOUD gay patients and our more relaxed ones. They tried to shock me when I first started but once I asked them my famous question they always joke with me after it is "what does a gay man and me have in common?" We both love cock!

  2. My sweet Cinders:
    You always make me smile.
    Big hugs, Z.