Friday, May 22, 2015

Hop Against Transphobia

 I'm going to focus my blog today on trans* phobia. 


Many people have a vague idea about what the issues that face the trans*community and it is my hope to share. 

Understanding = Acceptance.

Did you know the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention came out with the following information on transgender* people. 
Here are some distressing findings:
78% of survey respondents who suffered physical or sexual violence at school (attempted suicide).
65 % of respondents who experienced violence at work.
57% of those who reported that their family chose not to speak/spend time with them.
69% have experienced homelessness.
60% reported a doctor or healthcare provider refused to treat them.
57-61% of those disrespected or harassed by law enforcement officers.

I know many readers in this community have never read a transgender* romance. Remember that dark time long ago when you didn’t read m/m romance? (Hugs I know you’d rather forget about it.) But when you first heard of this genre you might have felt it was out of your comfort zone… until you opened that very first gay romance book. You were hooked.

The same way you fell in love with gay characters and now fight intolerance & promote equality it is my hope you to adore transgender* characters. I want you to open a trans* book (and your hearts) to witness transgender character's strengths, their struggles, their flaws and root for their victories in love because in doing so you're going to understand a little bit more about their lives. And I want you to fight transphobia just as hard as you fight homophobia. 

Comment below (or e-mail) and on June 1st I'll pick a winner for an e-book version of Illusion & Dreams. Make sure you include a way to contact you: e-mail, Facebook, smoke signal.  

Together we can change the world. 

Hugs, Z.

Randy Camster failed at being married. His life now centers around work, TV sports, and listening to his friend Jake complain about how Randy’s lack of a sex life will be the downfall of mankind. Not true! Well, not totally. He’s just never understood the fascination with sex until… ladyboy performer Lalana Dulyarat shimmies into his world via an Internet ad for Thailand tourism. 

Jake O’Neil’s open pansexuality yields him interesting bedmates, but he’s never chased after the mythical illusion of love. He focuses on others, like his best friend Randy, who needs a Bang-Cock vacation. Finding an adorable little imp named Boon-nam wasn’t on the itinerary. Gay, straight, and undecided, Jake has had ‘em all, but never a virgin aching to take a walk on the kinky side after having her affirmation surgery. Talk about pressure. And what’s with everyone warning him not to break her heart? His is the one in danger.

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