Friday, April 18, 2014

Zombies Suck.... but mine SWALLOW

How are my zombies different from other zombies?

1) Mine SWALLOW…
2)They're hot and sexy.
3)They don't need brains to survive they need ejaculate.
4) They’re seeking a mate which they can tell by their reaction to their male essence.
5) They begin their transition at nineteen and it continues until they are twenty-three.
6) They stop aging at twenty-three.
7) If they don't find their mate by twenty-three they lose the ability to orgasm. (Although they continue to need male essence).

What is Club Zombie?

Club Zombie was set up so the zombies could get what they need in a safe environment… the patrons of Club Zombie don’t question how “lucky” they get when finding such orally fixated men. There are various ways in which to indulge in the pleasing young men of Club Zombie:
The Shoe Shine Room (depicted on the cover of Zombies Ahead) 
Extraction Room  (depicted on the cover of Zombies Suck)
BJ alley  (do you need a description?)
BDSM Behind the Red Door  (ditto)
These rooms and cozy spaces allow the zombies to survive.

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