Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flash Slash Fiction Captain America/Winter Soldier

When I'm bored I have a habit of slashing (putting two males in a movie/tv show together and everything that's they say shuffles through the love filter). I was recently at the movies and I simply couldn't help myself. Here's a little slash fiction for Captain America.

Enjoy. Remember I don't owe these characters or this story... this is just for fun...  (Nor do I owe this lovely pic if anyone knows the artists PLEASE tell me so I can give credit & love & beg for permission to use) 
Hugs, Z.

Slash Fiction Captain America/Winter Soldier

"Bucky... don't you remember? I was your best friend..." Captain America took another punch in the mouth. Ow.

"You're my mission." Anger tried to overwhelm the doubt but it failed to block out the confusion. No...

"I'm Steve and we were more than friends..."

The Winter Soldier's fist froze, stopping before he connected again. "What? No... we... no..." Hot visions of passionate nights spend with Steve's arms flashed through his mind. Urgent need to recapture those emotions and memories flooded him.

"Yes. Don't you remember?" Steve turned him so Bucky was under him. "Mmmm, that's right. You might not remember but your body does."

Breathing became a luxury Bucky could no longer afford. He used his energy to push back to entice Steve into take things further. Steve always gave him what he wanted...

The Winter Soldier sweetly surrendered himself to Steve's skilled hands as his memories returned. He was Bucky and they would always be more than friends...

Hugs, Z.

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