Thursday, April 10, 2014

Afraid To Orgasm

Afraid To Orgasm

Usually I chase fluffy HAPPY plot bunnies. In Club Zombie 2 a virgin dominant afraid to orgasm wouldn't leave me. You can’t imagine my distress when Alex Waterman shared with me his full story and how he detached from his own sexuality to such an unthinkable degree.

His abusive childhood taught him sex was evil. His mother beat into him ‘good boys’ don’t pleasure themselves and he desperately wanted her approval. He broke my heart.

Even though his mother is dead, it takes therapy, help from his friends and loved ones to help him overcome his painful past. His struggle is so invasive he only refers to his body parts in clinical terms because he can’t process slang words.

Many of us struggle daily with varying degrees of sexual dysfunction. The biggest help I found is giving yourself permission. So be good to you and give yourself permission.

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