Thursday, November 24, 2016

Virgin Sex Doesn't Have To Hurt...

Did you know getting your cherry popped shouldn't hurt?

True story: A hymen isn't broken or popped at all...

The more you know...

I've always had a fascination with virgin sex... maybe trying to recapture my own? Who knows let's not analyze why but simply enjoy the fact some of my characters come to me as virgins... but don't stay that way for long.

Two of my favorite virgin no more scenes... 

Tied Together Buy Link    
Robin and Josh decide to "give themselves" to each other (Robin's a romance reader so he's glorified the experience in his head). Let's just say they figure out why most hotels have hand lotion in the bathroom.

Hugs, Z.

Illusions & Dreams Buy Link

Boon-nam is a virgin and kinky but needed to wait until she had affirmation surgery to be comfortable enough to be with someone... She has a couple interesting experiences before she has intercourse and luckily for all of us it's everything she imagined it would be.

Z. Allora

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