Thursday, July 7, 2016


Love Notes from an editor...

Edits for my first sci-fi/space opera The Craving will be in my inbox soon. I thought I'd overshare my reactions to edits.

Stages of Receiving Edits:

1) TERROR. The e-mail appears! Oh, GOD! But I have to open it to see how badly I mucked up. (How many love notes are there?)

2) OMFG!!!! I SUCK!!!! English is my first language how could I have missed all this basic grammar. I go through the document fixing all the stupid mistakes cursing myself and my Masters in Psychology (should have gone for writing!)  I take notes on my errors so hopefully I can make less next time around!

3) I stare at the overused words marked in yellow. Good grief why do I overuse UP so much? And SO... and THAT... and WAS... DAMN how does this happen? Deal with them and try not to wonder if elves have added these words since I did search and destroy many of them before I turned in the draft!)

4) Blocking: Impossibility of body twister. There's only 2 dicks in this scene? Whose the third belong to... (HA HA usually this gives me a plot bunny or notes for another story...)  I visualize the scene in slow motion to ensure people only sit down once, shut the door once, etc.

5) Plot Holes/Fleshing out an idea: Yikes!!! Thank the Goddess of Writing one of the editing staff picked that absent detail or that certain something that makes no damn sense for my character to be doing. Sometimes this requires a major dig and careful placement of ideas so what's in my head is on the page.

6) Re-reading: I address any global notes that I need to brush through the manuscript. I ensure all rehashes and tells are gone to the best of my ability. 

7) By the time I send the edits back in, I'm totally grateful and amazed that this is MY BOOK... (I bless each one of the professional who help me get it to the state of readiness.)

8) I smile for about five minutes before I realize oh fuck... that was only round 1 of edits. OMFG!!!! The process begins anew.

Hugs, Z. 

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