Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Bathroom Issue

.... Really I can't imagine there are people stupid enough to be believe society needs to police the bathrooms. Yet legislators continue to create bills to make it illegal for people to use the bathroom appropriate for them (be that based on gender identity or assigned sex at birth or there's no line and I've got to go NOW!). Allow people to go to the bathroom where they are most comfortable.

I lived in China for six years... Most public restrooms had no soap, no hot water, no western toilets, no toilet paper and sometimes no doors... I've squat over gullies in the floor operated by gravity... I've had my foot peed on by someone else... I've thrown up in my mouth over the smell and condition of some of the restrooms I've visited... but not once did it occur to me to give two shits about what the gender identity or assigned sex at birth of the people who were suffering with me.

For those who are confused... A bathroom is to void liquid and solid waste. To wash up and clean your lunch off your shirt... maybe run a brush through your hair. Your responsibilities in a shared bathroom are pass the toilet paper if a person is out, clean up after yourself and wash your hands. I really think most humans are capable of that...

The beautiful Zinnia Jones breaks it down for us. (And yeah she's a bit harsh on cis-people but I understand the anger... and I'm sure she knows all cis-gender people are not the enemy.)

This month South Dakota is the first to pass a bill outlawing transgender public school students from using restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities. Take a moment to imagine the pain this will cause...  However Charlotte North Carolina city counselor has passed an ordinance which allows transgender people to use the bathroom they would be most comfortable in... Though Gov. McCrory thinks he has nothing better to do than to try to stop this...

All I can ask my Pretties is if you're in a conversation with someone spurting nonsense help educate them. Understanding = acceptance = everyone being safer.

Hugs, Z.

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