Thursday, July 2, 2015

Intolerant of Intolerance

As we celebrate marriage equality I want to remind us the job's not done. There's still transphobia, sexism, racism and homophobia didn't disappear with the ruling.

 Please watch this video...

Scary Statistics:

Number of women murdered by their partner each day: 3
Percent of women who have experienced domestic violence: 25%
Number of women who died each day due to abuse: 4
(((  Verified by the US Dept. of Justice & Bureau of Justice)))

Yet many of us tolerate attacks on gender.

Silence is tolerating.

When at a PFLAG meeting I encourage each and every person attending: To CONSISTENTLY address negative statements & slurs made by others against the LGBTQIA community.

It is only through education we can change the status quo. 

I'm not asking for you to bully or to form street teams to attack others... I am asking for individuals to stand up against not only homophobia and racism but transphobia and sexism.

When you judge someone's ability based on gender or allow someone to do it unchecked:

You forward stereotypes.
You allow an environment that those horrific statistics remain a reality.
You are saying it's okay and in some cases its seen as agreement.

Be intolerant against intolerance.

Together we can change the world one attitude at a time.

Many hugs and much love,
Z. Allora

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