Thursday, July 9, 2015

Clothes Make A Girl...

It's funny we're getting ready for a Weird Al concert. We have tickets for a pre-concert party which includes dressing up tacky.

And I'm having issues...

I was 11 when my Aunt Peggy gifted me with a fancy aqua butterfly winged shirt. It was the first time I looked in the mirror and figured out what I needed to do to play the part of a female.

My manner, actions and movements had always set me apart from little girls but if I were silent, still and wore that frilly silk people treated me like a girl.

I've always hid behind my clothing. If they were interesting or different people would focus on the style, fabric or color and not me. My 'costume' could take center stage and I could fade into the background.

I used to go to a park near my house from sun up to dark playing basketball. (Short as I was I could hit the hoop from the top of the key and all the hot dog shots). My long blond hair hidden under my baseball cap. It was heaven. For two years I got away with being just another guy... then puberty hit and well my body wasn't allowing me to fly under the radar.

I retreated to the shadows my clothing could create. It was a "look at the bunny" move but if girls were fascinated by my socks matching my outfits they weren't saying I was too much like a boy.

Soooo the idea of purposefully abusing my wardrobe by mixing: Zebra print pants, leopard print jacket, tie dye heart tank top, with glitter socks and sparkle shoes... is daunting. But for Weird Al... I did my best! Here's my train wreck of an outfit.

I leave you with one my favorite Weird Al videos.

Hugs, Z.

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