Sunday, December 9, 2012

Night 2 Happy Hanukkah

Dear Pretties,
This little story will have some smexy sex in it so please be warned. It was not loved by beta or editor so be kind. It is just a little peek of what's not in The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah.

Night 2

“Ahhhh, so good of you to rejoin me, my Pretty.” I can’t stop my grin feeling your dirty anticipation. “You’re here for the sex aren’t you?”

Your lovely eyes get huge, as you shake your head ‘no’.

I giggle at your denial. “Oh Pretty. Don’t pretend to be innocent. I know as much as people whine about the hot sex scenes that’s one of the major draws of this genre.” Watching you squirm just a bit as your cheeks tint a nice shade of pink. “Now take my hands and let’s find out what Dusty & Justin are doing with the body paint & paint brush Robin gave them as tonight’s Hanukkah present.”

Without last night’s whining you take my hands and we swirl on a rainbow of light. When the lights fade, I put my hands on your shoulders to steady us a bit. I silently guide you to stand behind the hotel curtain that is blowing in the gentle ocean breeze.

Leaning close I whisper, “Look you can see the Santa Cruz pier from here?” I point out the slightly open window. We both inhale the fresh salt air coming off the water. I'm amazed it’s not colder for this time of year. 

I grin up at you and inform you of an incident. “Oh we missed Jordon at the front desk. The little artist demanded his room be on different floor from his brother and Justin. I guess he didn’t want to accidentally hear them get busy.”

You snicker as you imagine the hissy fit boy wonder probably threw.

A low groan rumbles through the room catching our attention. I take your shoulders and turn you so you can peek out behind the faux suede gold curtains that hide us. Your mouth drops open as you can see the drummer and his Goth boy are thoroughly enjoying their privacy.

There is no doubt the man on the bed is a rock legend. Dusty Davis is sprawled out on the bed with his long golden hair fanned over the pillows. Justin is astride him riding his long cock as he is stroking his cock.

“Never knew lace could look so delicious. You wear it well.” Dusty’s words bring our attention to man on top’s white lace tank and feminine lacy boy shorts barely covering Justin’s ass. They seem to be pushed over and askew to accommodate his drummer. We both nod our heads in agreement. The guy is carries off lace as well as he does leather.

Dipping his finger into the body paint, Dusty swipes out some chocolate and holds it up to Justin’s lips. Moaning, the man slows his body so he can lean down to take his lover’s finger in his mouth to suck it clean.  Though I notice his fist speeds up on his shaft making his panting echo off the hotel walls a bit louder.

“Keep riding me, baby. Don't stop.” Dusty demands once his finger is devoid of the sauce.

Justin body rocks a little more desperately as he pushes past his previous pace.  Dusty holds up another finger coated in chocolate body paint to his lover.

Groaning the dark haired man complains to his drummer. “I can’t suck your fingers and keep moving.”

As we watch the scene unfold, I can't resist pointing out a basic fact.  “He seems quite competent to multi-task with his fist, doesn’t he, my Pretty?”

You barely spare me a nod of agreement.

Dusty’s pushes his finger between Justin’s lips feeding him the chocolate. “Try baby for me.” Dusty purrs to his overheating lover. “You look good. Sucking. Fucking." The drummer paused for a moment before rapidly thrusting up to meet Justin's ass.  "And coming.”

As if the words alone were enough, we watch Justin bounce rapidly on Dusty, fisting his cock before he cries out in completion. He falls down onto his drummer’s chest now painted with his cream.

Body paint abandoned, Dusty reaches for his sexy Goth boy’s ass and gets a good grip on those rounded cheeks. He thrusts up repeatedly into Justin as he pulls him down into it. Justin seems unable to do anything but whimper and sigh with pleasure until Dusty grunts with his own satisfaction.

What can I say? It’s time to leave. I take your hands even though your eyes are glued to the scene in front of us as Dusty and Justin share a sweet wet kiss. I hesitate because the scene is just so hot and sexy.

Dusty taps Justin on the shoulder to get his attention. “Hey do you think room service will deliver up some French toast and ice cream?”

Justin giggles. He starts nuzzling and cooing into Dusty’s neck.

“What? Maybe next time it’ll be terrible & we might need the distraction from the horrid sex. We need to prepare.”

The lights shatter around us as we find ourselves inside the very different room. I shove us into the tiny closet. Before you can complain I show you the closet is open a crack and we have a perfect view of the room and more importantly the bed.

“Oh, Josh! I can’t believe you did this.” Robin exclaims as he walks around the room, gently running his fingers over the new furnishings. The room is done exactly like the country  inn they vacationed at two years ago while visiting France. “This is the very room…”

Josh cozies up behind the keyboard player and wraps his arms around him. “I know. The owner was happy to let me buy this room and refurnish it just for us when we’re visiting.” Robin turns in his arms and gives him a slow wet kiss leaving my Pretty and I as breathless as it left Josh.

Robin gives Josh a small kiss before pulling away to investigate his present. “This is really ours.” He looked around grinning as he ambled into the no longer 1950’s style tacky bathroom. White marble gleamed when the fancy light was switched on. "Wow. This is gorgeous Josh. How did you fit a garden tub in here?"

Josh doesn't answer as Robin seems intent on discovering every bit of their hotel room. Finally, when his inspection is done he asked, "How did you manage it?"

“The hotel owner’s son who is now running it is fixing up the place. His need for money made him very open to my business proposal. And as you can tell walking in he's doing a much better job at improving the place then his dad did."

Robin walked out of the bathroom holding a tiny bottle of lotion in his hand. “This is the same stuff…”

Josh nodded as he started to undress. Robin's attention focused on the bottle in his hand.  He opened the top to sniff it. “It smells exactly like…”

“Losing your virginity?” Josh smirked as he crawled into the puffy duvet.

Robin’s opened his sexy mouth but the words stopped as he saw a naked Josh. His cock slapped against his belly. “What about the body paint…”?

“Screw the body paint.”

Robin started moving towards the bed as he undid his pants. “No, I’m going to screw you.” His knee pressed into the bed as he grabbed Josh’s ankle to pull him into a better position. He left  his jeans on and just unzipped.

I lean into you. “We should go, my Pretty.”

“What? No… we um,” You didn’t leave the scene unfolding on the bed.

I grab your hand and remind you to come back tomorrow. 
Hugs, Z. 

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