Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Hanukkah Night 1

Smoothing down my midnight blue renaissance style dress, I adjust the starched bow on the matching corset. I hear you. I fluttered my pastel wings as I turn towards you. "Oh Pretty. Thank you for coming."

I notice the disapproval in your look at my holiday apparel. "What? These are my Hanukkah wings. Robin said they look good with this, no?" I spin slowly in a circle. Hmmm, well I like them! Before I belabor the point (too late I know) I notice the time. 

"Come! Come, my Pretties!!! Argh! Really!!! Mind out of the gutter…Do that on your own time and then write a nice story about it for me. You know the kind with lots of yummy sex scenes…pretty males, virgin would be nice and ohhhh if they could be rockers... Okay fine this isn't about my holiday list." 

I notice your eye roll and wanting to avoid another lecture on why plot is also important; I remind you what you are doing here.  "You are joining me on a little spying on The Dark Angels so we can see how the boys I didn't write about spent each night of Hanukkah."

I hold out my hands to you. "Look at my sparkly blue nails. Now take my hands. Oh hush. I could make you jump on one foot and sing "My Country Tis of Thee" so the magic can take you where we need to be… and while that would be amusing for me I don't want to piss you off." Holding out my hands again.  "Now hurry hurry… don't dawdle."
You grab my hands and squeeze just a tad too tight. But I don't complain... there's no time.

The same vortex of magic, that sweeps you along to open a book for the first time, swirls you around until we come to a dizzying stop. I steady you as the whirling stops.

"Shhhhhhh, there they are."  I answer your question before you ask. "We're in Santa Cruz, outside Uncle Leo's house. This is the first night of Hanukkah so they are just leaving the party. See that bag…. Robin filled it with sex toys for them to use."

You smirk at me.

"What? He picked them out not me. Josh helped him wrap each and every one in a different color." I hug the disbelief out of you and continue rambling. "Each night they will meet via Video Skype and open the presents together. So The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah we will see what one couple does with the present each night." I pet your pretty hair as you relax into me. "But I know my Pretties are just as greedy as me. So I figured we could peek in to see how the other couple's enjoyed their toys."

You snicker. I knew you'd like this idea. We turn towards the Dark Angels.... 

"You know even from this distance they are so pretty." I sigh and stared dreamily at them.

"Oh yes, look. Dusty has this thing for tweed." I lower my voice because we can't let them know we are here. The drummer puts on the green tweed sports coat. "He does look good in that jacket."

We watch the beautiful rock stars hug and kiss good night. You grunt. I giggle. "Yeah, seeing them hug and kiss… yeah I see it every day but it can throw you."  I fan you a bit. "Well, we should probably go. I can't have you overheating on the first night." You frown but hug me anyway. "So my Pretty will I see you here again for the second night of Hanukkah? Tomorrow night will be the first night with 'presents'." I grin. "See you soon."  

Hugs, Z.

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