Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Writer's Month

National Nov. Writer's Month

Greetings my Pretties!
National Writer's Month... I know this motivates the hell out of some writers but usually by mid-month many of them are laying on the ground seizing with pressure and writer's block. I truly hope this is not the case for my writing friends.

But for me NANOMO feels like an expectation.  It's assumed if you are a writer you will (or should) participate. It's like the expectation you have to have sex on your birthday or anniversary... seriously, I don't do well with societal expectations. Some might say I dig in my heels and do the opposite (yes I am stubborn but November's not the boss of me!). The pressure does not help my creativity in the least but I admire people to whom it gives them a boost... and look forward to all the amazing stories that will be produced because of it.

So what do you think about NANOMO? Are you participating? Is it helping or hurting your creativity? Do you like pressure in general? Do you have to have sex on your birthday?  These are my burning questions.

Big hugs, Z. 

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