Thursday, November 9, 2017

Magical Unicorns and Talking Caterpillars... in M/M romance?

This excerpt involves Phillip (the rake) spying/stalking on Tristan (the librarian) while he’s doing Sleepy Time Reads. Keep in mind Phillip’s happy endings usually require a swallow. But seeing Tristan read about a magical unicorn and a talking caterpillar starts to change his mind.

I was curious about this fictional children’s book that Tristan is reading so I decided to figure out what Carlos Sirus Broominschmeckle and Sierra looked like. Here’s my best attempt:

Excerpt for The Librarian’s Rake:
Tristan sat on a small stool, reading a book to twelve little library patrons who sat on the floor, leaning forward on their cushions with their mouths open.
“Mr. Cooper, please read that again. Mica was talking.” A little girl in a pink jean jacket frowned at the chatterbox next to her.
“Okay, Melody.” Tristan flipped one page back and whinnied like a horse. “Sierra. That’s a funny name for a talking caterpillar.”
Tristan did his best caterpillar glare until the kids all giggled and attempted the expression too. “Hmphf! As if Carlos Sirus Broominschmeckle is a good name for a magical unicorn.”
Tristan’s delivery was absolutely charming. The kids roared with laughter.
Phillip swallowed hard. Love was just a way to dress up lust. But as the story continued and the man did voices of talking caterpillars and magical unicorns, Phillip decided he wanted to have Tristan’s babies. He saw their fictional children. Three of them playing in the front yard, each one perfect little replicas of Tristan and—
Whispers from the parents, guardians, and probably some singles hot for the librarian ringing the perimeter of the group told him he wasn’t the only one to notice Tristan’s charisma. Several adults were casting hungry looks with pervy intentions in his librarian’s direction. There were a couple of men. Yeah, well, Jimmy might have two daddies, but he didn’t need a third. Nor did Jimmy’s two daddies need a private librarian to shelve things.
“And that’s why you’re my best friend, Carlos Sirus Broominschmeckle!” The story’s exciting climax caused a mayhem of clapping and chattering little ones. Several of them hugged Tristan and had a lot to discuss about the plot twists during the saga the magical caterpillars and unicorns took.
Phillip wanted to talk to Tristan, but a quick schedule check showed he had one last appointment. He needed to book it back to the salon.

The Librarian’s Rake Blurb
Opposites might attract, but is acting on that attraction wise?
Librarian Tristan Cooper can’t steer clear of sexy, motorcycle-riding bad boy Phillip—the man is hot—but Phillip is bound to and quiet, bookish Tristan boring, like all Tristan’s boyfriends. Tristan yearns to explore his wild side, the part of himself he’s only allowed into his fantasies, and maybe rakish Phillip is just what he needs to feel free.
Sexperienced hairdresser Phillip is more of a believer in happy endings than happily ever afters. Experience has taught him not to hope for more— until he meets sweet, vulnerable Tristan, who seems genuinely interested in his heart. But Phillip can’t trust enough to see himself as a man Tristan might want for more than a night.
With the help of a pair of matchmaking grandfathers, Tristan and Phillip might and the courage to step beyond their comfort zones and discover what has been missing from their lives....

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