Thursday, December 22, 2016

Perspective & Happiness: My Gift to You

 Most reports say 2016 SUCKED! It was a tough year. (I discovered if you cry nonstop you can actually burn tear tracks in your cheeks). Sooooo I'm desperately grabbing perspective and happiness with two hands as often as I can.

We will all exit this plane of existence at some point in time. The reality of that SUCKS but it also allows us perspective (if we let it). When problems of daily life get us down (if you're able) look beyond it does it matter.

Sometimes yes: if so what steps do you need to take to fix it? (identify the problem, what's the solution, identify steps to get to the fix).

Sometimes no: what can you do to let the irritation/upset go? (identify the entire upset, use letting go techniques >>> my preferred is reaching for the happy)

There are few things that are worth being truly upset about... choose what to lose it on.

Buddhists strive to accept suffering is a part of life.

I'm going to encourage you to choose happiness as often as you can. It's not always an easy task (especially if you've lost your perspective). Sometimes our reality is so shitty we can't see how happiness can ever be part of our world again.

Start small. Find happy in a beautiful color, in funny memes on Facebook, in the joy of helping someone else.

Allow yourself the gift of happiness as often as you can. Seek it out.

What's the alternative?

I wish you love, happiness and romance always.

Happy Holidays and have a great start to 2017!!!

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