Thursday, June 23, 2016

Loveslave? What do you do all day?

Usually the question is asked with much disdain so my go to answer was alway I write porn and masturbate.  Rude people stopped asking.

But what really do I do? (other than masturbate and write porn?)

It depends on where we are.

Up around 530ish
Straighten the upstairs
Start laundry
Drive my Love to work
Exercise for an hour (on a good day)
Clean the downstairs
Check e-mail, tweet something, Facebook
Do something writery related
Interspersed packing/unpacking, cleaning various thing, running errands and any assignments I've been given
Pick up my Love around 5ish
Enjoy spending time with him

We're away frequently. This summer I'll be home maybe for a total of 3.5 weeks.

My Love heads out by 7 a.m. and isn't back until 530-7 p.m. and then there maybe a dinner he needs to attend or conference calls. This means I'll probably see my Love for less than an hour of awake time (sometimes as little as ten minutes... business trips can be intensive and all consuming) so I'm left to my own devices much of the time (& yes it can be quite lonely which is why I'm grateful for my Pretty ones and my Z-bies! You keep me company!).

I've been asked why bother to go to some non-touristy places if I can't even see my Love?

Ten minutes with my Love is ten minutes... and I'd walk through hot crushed glass for that time.

On the bright side I'm in a different location. So it depends on where and how often I've been to the place. (When we were living in China and going back & forth to India >>> customs wanted to know WHY I kept returning? LOL What could I possibly be doing in Bangalore that required me to take a trip there every 3 weeks... Custom agents really need Loveslave defined for them... but that's another post.)

If it's a new place: I have a list of museums, attractions and shops I must hit. If I'm lucky I might be able to stalk one of my Pretties! I try to figure out what I can share with my Love since his time is usually very limited. I try to find interesting restaurants for him to enjoy.

Usually we go back and forth to a certain place for my love's work. (The projects are usually focused in one or two locations for a year or so).

Currently, I'm in Germany a lot. So most trips I go to Heidelberg and hit one or two other locations. (Germany's car rental policies are harsher so I usually take the train which can get expensive and tiring so I opt to write unless there's something I haven't done in a while.)

Even when traveling our lives need to functions so I order things from Amazon & Jet so less shopping hassle when we are home. I do what I can remotely to stay on top of things and I WRITE.

Lock and Key was written in Dallas, Germany, and California. It was re-written in Germany and South Carolina. 

Lock And Key by Z. Allora

Rejected. Heartbroken. Devastated.

Zack Davis wanted to serve only one man, Andrew Nikeman. He was denied because Andrew thought he was too young and because their brothers were together. So Zack crushed his submissive tendencies and focused on being the perfect Dom, giving every sub he played with something he couldn’t have.

After years of denying his submissive side, Entwined’s charity auction “Are you Dom Enough to be a sub?” gives Zack an excuse to get a little of what he’s always craved.

Andrew doesn’t know when his infatuation turned into more, but it kills him to see Zack with a constant parade of submissives. He’d refused to jeopardize his brother’s relationship or become Zack’s regret; however, Zack isn’t a kid anymore, and his brother’s relationship is unbreakable. Now Zack’s popularity and success as a Dom might ruin Andrew’s dreams of collaring him, but he can’t wait any longer to confess his feelings or he risks losing the man he loves forever.

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