Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Dom is Born...

Some people believe Dominants are born. Other's think they develop and become Dominant. As with most things I think it depends on the individual. There's NO one way to become Dominant. It's a journey as with most things in life.

In Club Zombie 2: Zombies Suck Alex Waterman always had dominant desires but based on his upbringing, life experience, and own internal struggles he didn't act on them until he went through a secondary transition aka he was (re)born a Dom.

Zombies Suck Blurb:
Forget undead corpses searching for brains. These zombies crave a different kind of head that keeps them young forever. Club Zombie offers safe haven, providing sexy ways to extract what they need from patrons, and the opportunity to find their destined mate.

Alex Waterman is ashamed of his “vile, unnatural desires” and lives a in a desolate world of loneliness and suffering until discovering… it’s not his life. Suddenly he’s swept away to a place where his desires aren't evil, they’re a mark of the dominant he’s born to be, and appreciative stares and aggressive flirting replace fear and self-loathing. But one night stands aren’t on the menu: Alex seeks “the one” to complete the missing piece of his soul.

Boy-next-door Ulrich calls to Alex, as does the gorgeous but self-destructive Cutter, and an element of irresistible danger clings to bad boy Storm. How can Alex decide between three tempting possibilities?

Maybe he should keep them all… 

In Zombies Suck Alex spends time with two other Dominants who assist and  teach him what he needs to know. One was born to be a Dom and the other developed into one. They each interact with their submissives very differently because BDSM is not one size fits all. 

Hugs, Z. 

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