Thursday, October 29, 2015


 It distresses me when a man/woman says he has NO idea if his partner came...

ONE: I'm wondering why s/he didn't ask?
TWO: I'm wondering why the female didn't say?

>>> Clear communication as well as setting an EXPECTATION EVERYONE gets to the destination might be key in evening up the orgasm gap.

No rolling your eyes...

It's very simple: If women have an orgasm every time she had sex... She'd want more sex... 

But we live in a society where there are tons of articles of How-To-Fake-An-Orgasm...
Reasons vary:
1) Didn't want to hurt his/her feelings (cause lying to him/her wouldn't do that)
2) You were tired (you could simply say that... and if you make it a habit to fuck when you're not into it... guess what sex becomes a favor...)
3) You couldn't (it happens... but is there anything your partner can do or do you need some alone time)
4) Never had an orgasm (not surprising in a world that discourages and demonizes female sexuality... many have been disconnected from their sexuality)
5) S/He was too quick (that's fine now it's your turn)

Faking your orgasm denies your partner the right & ability to satisfy you. (S/he is learning techniques that don't get you to your climax).

Am I advocating for an orgasm economy? Not really but I believe people do things they are reinforced to do... orgasm is the ultimate reward... You DESERVE it.

This video gives a simple suggestion: MASTURBATE!

30% of women have trouble orgasming
80% have trouble orgasming through intercourse alone (>>> That means fingers or vibrators should be active)
Most women need at least 20 minutes of stimulation to reach climax (sometimes LONGER)
>>>>I've heard these basic figures before here's a source (<<<<


Communicate with your parnter(s)
Accept what turns you on... toss out society's rules of what's appropriate
Work on your self esteem (Love yourself... and yes I mean literally)
If there's a medical condition or medication impeding your pleasure talk to your doctor
Set an EXPECTATION of ORGASM (by hook or by vibrator CUM)

Here's something interesting: Energy Orgasm
People can think/read/mediate themselves into a "no hands" orgasm.

Hugs, Z.

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